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  • Optimism Unlimited logo

    Optimism Unlimited

    3 active jobs
  • Ulvetanna logo


    3 active jobs
  • TaxBit logo


    3 active jobs
  • Privy logo


    3 active jobs
  • logo

    2 active jobs
  • OpenBIT logo


    Pump Liquidity in Bitcoin, Next-Level Potential Unleashed with Next-Level Security

    2 active jobs
  • Thrive Protocol logo

    Thrive Protocol

    DAO Grant portfolio manager needed: be the grant manager of grant programs!

    2 active jobs
  • Bunzz logo


    It's the simplest and most powerful DApp integrated development environment💻

    2 active jobs
  • Almanak logo


    Palantir of Crypto - we optimize and design top tier decentralized networks.

    2 active jobs
  • P2P logo

    P2P launched in 2018 with a mission to positively influence the development of PoS technologies.

    2 active jobs
  • TekRek logo


    2 active jobs
  • A

    Absinthe Labs

    Building the next generation of points and incentive distribution for Web3

    2 active jobs
  • Blockchain Headhunter logo

    Blockchain Headhunter

    Connecting the Crypto, Blockchain & Web3 Ecosystem - Recruitment, Executive Search, Outreach, Marketing & Branding for Cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, Fintech, Ethereum, DeFi, NFT, Metaverse, Crypto mining ventures

    2 active jobs
  • RockTree Capital logo

    RockTree Capital

    We are an international merchant bank focused on cross-border transactions and strategic international expansion in blockchain.

    2 active jobs
  • S


    Community Powered Marketing & Promotions Infrastructure

    2 active jobs
  • ValiDAO logo


    A community-governed validator operating infrastructure for the on-chain world.

    2 active jobs
  • Entangle logo


    Customizable and Interoperable Data Infrastructure Built for Web3 and Institutions

    2 active jobs
  • Gemz Trade logo

    Gemz Trade

    #1 Trading App on TON

    2 active jobs
  • Calyptus logo


    Tier-1 DeFi Protocol

    2 active jobs
  • Radix DLT logo

    Radix DLT

    2 active jobs
  • MyToken logo


    2 active jobs
  • Risk Labs logo

    Risk Labs

    2 active jobs
  • Cosmo Inc logo

    Cosmo Inc

    2 active jobs
  • T


    2 active jobs
  • Tokemak logo


    Tokemak ( is a Web3 protocol designed to optimize yield across different DEXs and Liquid Staking Tokens.

    2 active jobs
  • Tria (previously Threely) logo

    Tria (previously Threely)

    One name, for all things web3

    2 active jobs
  • Kine Protocol logo

    Kine Protocol

    The leading platform in the current decentralized derivatives market

    2 active jobs
  • UnoRe logo


    Uno Re is a web3-based Security and Coverage protocol & DAO.

    2 active jobs
  • Chainlink Labs logo

    Chainlink Labs

    Chainlink provides the largest collection of decentralized services powering the world’s hybrid smart contracts

    2 active jobs
  • VIVEX logo


    Trade the future today with up to 100x leverage.

    2 active jobs
  • Yoda Labs logo

    Yoda Labs

    Web3 Gaming Media and Research HUB

    2 active jobs
  • BluePepper logo


    Identify Solutions

    2 active jobs
  • logo

    Learn web3 through real world use cases

    2 active jobs
  • web3 studios logo

    web3 studios

    2 active jobs
  • OKP4 logo


    The open knowledge

    2 active jobs
  • CharlieDeFi logo


    Premium Market Intelligence

    2 active jobs
  • Lympo logo


    Forging The Future of Blockchain & Sport

    2 active jobs
  • Eco logo


    One simple balance that lets you spend, send, save and make money at the same time.

    2 active jobs
  • Amber logo


    Building the future of digital assets

    2 active jobs
  • Blowfish logo


    2 active jobs
  • Phantom logo


    2 active jobs
  • Sei Labs logo

    Sei Labs

    2 active jobs
  • Magic Eden logo

    Magic Eden

    2 active jobs
  • Liquid Instruments logo

    Liquid Instruments

    2 active jobs
  • LayerZero Labs logo

    LayerZero Labs

    2 active jobs
  • Openmesh logo


    2 active jobs
  • Blast logo


    2 active jobs
  • Limit Break logo

    Limit Break

    2 active jobs
  • Gauntlet logo


    2 active jobs
  • logo is the leading crypto-native travel booking service.

    1 active job