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Feb 23

The Company

ICANotes is seeking an experienced and motivated Senior Full Stack Engineer with the ability to work independently and with minimal supervision. Someone who can design, develop, and implement highly scalable multi-tenanted SaaS applications using Full-stack open-source technologies. We prioritize adaptability over inflexible processes and encourage cross-functional teams to work together and collaborate to achieve shared objectives. We promote transparency and open communication within teams and stakeholders while fostering a culture of trust, respect, and accountability among team members.


  • Work independently in a small team of developers in the design, development, and deployment of a scalable application running on AWS.

  • Highly motivated with urgency in delivering highly complex multi-tenanted SaaS solutions focusing on quality.

  • Ability to work independently through all stages of SDLC from design to implementation to testing to production deployment.

  • Participate in code reviews and help deliver solutions with minimum production issues.

  • Passionate about technology and bringing new ideas to the team.

  • Mentor entry-level developers and assist them in resolving issues.


  • At least 6 years of experience working as a Full-stack Developer.

  • Proficient in Node.js with Express or other scripting languages and HTTP-related servers.

  • Experience with MySQL, Postgres, TypeScript, Javascript, HTML, and SaaS.

  • Proficient in Frontend Development with Angular/React.

  • Experience with Docker and a basic understanding of micro-services.

  • Experience with a Cloud provider: AWS, Azure, etc.


  • Healthcare experience specifically in medical billing.

  • Experience with NestJS, Kubernetes, and Terraform.


  • NestJS

  • Angular

  • AWS/Azure

  • Kubernetes

  • Terraform

Interview Process:

The process takes approximately two weeks and includes prepping.

  • Silver.dev Recruiter Screening

  • Silver.dev Interview Prepping

  • ICANotes

    • Hiring Manager interview

    • Work experience Technical Interview with Lead Engineer

    • Live Coding Interview


  • Paid vacation (from two to five weeks depending on salary grade and tenure).

  • US paid holidays

  • Compensation in the 80-120k/yr range

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80,000 - 120,000 USD / year
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