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Lead Developer (AI)

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May 07

Cere Network is the first blockchain CRM ecosystem platform optimized for service data integration and data collaboration. Our blockchain innovations have been built in alignment with blockchain platform Polkadot to bring clusters of enterprise-focused interoperable networks and solutions into the substantial blockchain ecosystem. 

Cere’s Decentralized Data Cloud (DDC) is designed from the ground up to ​address today's enterprise need for individual user data encryption and privacy compliance while simplifying the customization and integration with today's intelligent (AI) data-driven personalization solutions. 

Join us on this new, open approach that unlocks the vast potential of on-demand data marketplaces compared to traditional proprietary and closed systems.

If you've ever envisioned yourself at the forefront of AI and Web3 innovation, then Cere offers the perfect opportunity to transform that vision into reality. 

Cere is a cutting-edge Web3 data infrastructure scale-up seeking someone who is not just looking for a job but wants to be challenged to accomplish great things in an exciting venture.

Our Ethos

At Cere, we're not just hiring for roles; we're seeking a specific blend of qualities. We value those who excel in our fast-paced environment, embracing methodical, simulation-driven development and a first-principle thinking approach.

Our team members uphold high standards, discipline, and a growth mindset that fuels ongoing learning and process refinement. Exceptional written communication is a must, as we rely on tools like Notion, Slack, and Wiki to ensure organized, transparent collaboration.

We prioritize autonomy and goal orientation, fostering a culture of accountability and transparency. Our ecosystem thrives on supportive, challenge-driven teamwork, a driving force behind Cere’s rapid innovation.

We're drawn to individuals with character, high standards, and the ability to build and optimize efficient habits. A growth mindset and commitment to collective success underscore our team dynamics, as we aim to nurture a larger ecosystem of collaboration and progress.

Role Overview

We are looking for a Lead Developer, someone to spearhead innovation by driving application and vertical integrations using our AI agent orchestration system and leveraging our secure computation and data infrastructure. You will be a key player in a team that values continuous learning, collaboration, and the entrepreneurial spirit to challenge the status quo.

Key Responsibilities

- Facilitate the acceleration of AI adoption by spearheading integration initiatives in partnership with our core technical and sales teams.

- Innovate and Implement: Utilize your deep understanding of AI, ML, NLP, web technologies, and API development to innovate and translate complex requirements into scalable solutions.

- Close cross-functional collaboration with our technology leader to ensure development efforts are in line with organizational objectives.

- Engage in purposeful project development, applying your technical acumen to forge solutions that have a tangible impact.

- Community Engagement and Knowledge Sharing by acting as a thought leader by engaging with the wider AI community, sharing insights, and contributing to the collective knowledge pool to keep our team at the cutting edge.

- Serve as a cultural champion, exemplifying our ethos of perpetual learning, innovation, and significant contribution.


- Advanced data science and mathematical skills (e.g. PhD in computational modeling, machine learning, statistics, computer science)

- Minimum of 3-5 hands-on years of experience in software development and/or research, with a focus on AI, ML, or NLP, preferably in a tech/SaaS environment. 

- A foundational understanding of AI models and their applications/use cases.

- Knowledge of how full-stack SaaS products work, scale and perform.

- Expertise with cutting-edge technologies such as transfer learning, unsupervised feature generation, meta-learning, generative text models, computer vision, sensor fusion, or reinforcement learning.

- Proficient in deep programming to implement solutions in production.

- Experience defining and leading large-scale projects with multiple stakeholders.

- Excellent analytical skills with the ability to track and interpret information.

- Exceptional communication and collaboration skills, with the ability to work effectively across cross-functional teams.

- Must be based in or willing to relocate to the San Francisco Bay Area/ or Poland Warsaw

Nice to have:

- Strong understanding of the web3 industry and web technologies.

A bit more about our Multinational, High-Performance (and primarily remote) Team

Join a highly talented multicultural team based all over the world, including Berlin, Amsterdam, San Francisco and Warsaw. As stated above, we make remote working possible by embracing our ethos, yet many teams also travel to meet in person every 1-2 months. We all want high degrees of autonomy and flexibility to make life and work fun, but transparency, accountability/ownership are the requisites.

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