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Senior Backend Engineer

Fjord is a community-focused platform that specialises in connecting innovative projects with engaged backers. Built upon the principles of fairness and transparency, we offer a variety of token sale methods, including our most popular and well-renowned method—Liquidity Bootstrapping Pools (LBPs).

Fjord's mission is to democratise access to early-stage opportunities for our community of backers while providing projects the means to bootstrap liquidity in a seamless and straightforward manner.

For both project teams and individual backers, we provide an all-in-one environment geared towards early-stage ideas. Teams can focus on what truly matters—building out their vision and generating liquidity for decentralised exchange trading. While backers can explore a selection of early-stage opportunities that resonate with their passions and beliefs.

Fjord serves at the inflection point where projects and supporters engage, collaborate, and grow together.

What will you do

You'll be working with a DeFi native group of curious people who are passionate about creating paradigm shifts in decentralized finance and enjoy the thrill of working in a fast-paced startup environment. We're looking for a solidity-based architect with roots in quantitative finance and network engineering. As part of this job, the candidate will work with various technology stacks to deliver a working PoC for events-based derivatives products which will include:

  • a margin layer leveraging CDP-esque frameworks
  • a robust trading/settlement framework including payment streams, collateral transfers and net settlements
  • integrating parametric and optimistic oracles to settle events-based derivative contract outcomes
  • developing seamless frameworks for signatureless/gasless trading

Technology Stack: Solidity, Golang, api/cli, Rust, Bash Infrastructure: Ubuntu VM, Geth, Nodes Web3: Foundry, Typesafe aggregators Integrations: NexJs (typescript), Golang


  • 2+ years of experience with compilar languages like Go/Rust
  • 3+ years of Solidity as a core contributor to projects and/or protocols
  • Fluency in Typescript and Javascript
  • General knowledge of Bash and UNIX systems to be able to interact and execute in a remote environment
  • Firm understanding of writing gas efficient solidity contracts through the use of in-line assembly or something like yul/huff
  • Has experience using current best practice tools, Foundry, Solmate/Solady
  • Excellent technical and non-technical communication skills, both verbal and written
  • Someone who is extremely resourceful, able to learn and adapt to new environments and challenges very quickly

Additional brownie points:

  • High comfortability in the DeFi space and well-versed with a wide range of protocols, protocol designs/practices, frameworks, tokenomics and ecosystems
  • Background/knowledge with financial derivatives (quantitative trading/data science/mathematics or other applicables)
  • Able to show one or many novel on-chain projects worked on as a lead engineer

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