ZKV - Senior DevOps Engineer

ZKValidator is a lean expert team with a diverse skill set. We’re driven by a mission, promoting privacy and zero knowledge tech, the next frontier of Web3. We strive to provide high-performance infrastructure to blockchain networks, which has allowed us to be a top validator on Cosmos, Celestia, Celo, Mina, Moonbeam, Polkadot and more.

The Role

We’re looking for an experienced DevOps Engineer / Infrastructure Engineer who will join our team. The ideal candidate will have experience running nodes on a decentralised network and will be able to have a meaningful impact on our systems right away. The ZKV team consists of experts in the ZK, blockchain and cryptography space, we’re looking for another expert to add to the team.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Launching nodes on new PoS networks

  • Understanding and deploying infrastructure in emerging distributed systems

  • Participating in incentivised testnets

  • Maintaining, improving and upgrading existing systems.

  • Collaborating with the networks to solve issues to the distributed systems.

  • Deploying and maintaining self-owned hardware in remote datacenters.

  • Being on-call to guarantee high availability of our systems.

Skills and Qualifications:

  • At least 3 years professional experience in devops, software engineering and/or working on client infrastructure.

  • Prior knowledge and experience working with relevant distributed / p2p systems, e.g., Mining, PoS system validation, MEV.

  • Prior knowledge with infrastructure as code tools like Ansible and Terraform / OpenTofu.

  • Experience using orchestration tools like Kubernetes and Docker.

  • Proven interest in the field of ZK.

  • The ability to identify emerging trends and exciting projects in the early stages of


  • You are a self-starter and have already run (blockchain) nodes professionally or on your


  • Have experience working on small teams & in a startup environment.

  • Bonus; experience in setting up and managing colocation server hardware.

We value excellence, humility, & curiosity. We are looking for someone with an interest in working at the forefront of distributed computing.

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