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Apr 27

Immunefi exists to protect the future of money. Immunefi is DeFi's last line of defense and leading bug bounty platform, preventing catastrophic hacks before user funds are stolen. Our team is highly specialized, so we’re looking for talented people who are willing to jump right in and use their expertise to help us protect DeFi.

Why we need an Acquisition Programs Manager

The purpose behind the role of Acquisition Programs Manager is to acquire new security researchers (SRs) to consistently find valid vulnerabilities in the projects hosted on Immunefi’s web3 bug bounty platform.

On a high level, the objectives of this role are: 

  • Independently brainstorm new initiatives and activation plans to acquire SRs.
  • Competently execute those initiatives, and also initiatives handed down from team manager.
  • Develop an excellent Immunefi onboarding experience for SRs.
  • Create compelling content about Immunefi to be used as part of acquisition/promotional efforts.
  • Continually network and develop relationships with SRs.

This role is flexible and diverse in its day-to-day activities and can include: developing partnerships with universities or organizations/clubs where SRs cluster, creating and executing the Security Researcher Ambassador Program to encourage our SRs to acquire new hackers, engaging on Twitter/podcasts/other platforms with useful content to promote Immunefi to the web2 and web3 hacker world, attend conferences to acquire SRs, work with outside contractors to develop code challenges/educational platform to create an easy onboarding experience, etc.    

To succeed in this role:

Most importantly, you must have user acquisition skills that take into account a long user acquisition/conversion cycle. You must have your finger on the pulse of the web2 and web3 security communities. You must know where SRs cluster, what types of SRs we are looking for, what SRs want and how we can provide it for them, and how to bring them on our platform, so they can submit high-quality bug reports to projects. This requires creativity, flexibility, as well as ability to execute quickly, measure results, and pivot if necessary. 

You must be able to engage SRs and communicate with fluency and clarity, while keeping in mind the underlying ethos and broad objectives of Immunefi that fit into the ecosystem of web3—which includes security, safety, and peace of mind for users and projects alike.


Talent Acquisition Strategy:

  • Develop and implement a strategic plan for acquiring high-caliber SRs with a focus on software vulnerabilities.
  • Independently design, execute, and measure the initiatives for SR acquisition.
  • Double down on models that prove out and systematize them to scale.
  • Stay abreast of web2 and web3 security industry trends and emerging technologies to identify potential candidates.

Sourcing and Networking:

  • Proactively identify, engage, and build relationships with web2 and web3 SRs through various channels, including industry events, conferences, and online platforms. Be engaged wherever there are SRs. 
  • Collaborate with internal and external networks to source top talent in the field.
  • Coordinate execution with our marketing team to maximize the reach of sourcing channels and strategy.

Candidate/Cluster Assessment:

  • Conduct in-depth evaluations of SR clusters and candidates to assess their technical skills, research capabilities, and track record in finding software vulnerabilities.

Integration Planning:

  • Develop onboarding and integration plans to seamlessly assimilate new SRs onto Immunefi, whether via educational components or otherwise.

Collaboration with Team:

  • Align acquisition strategies with the organization's overall security objectives.
  • Provide regular updates on acquisition progress and identify opportunities for improvement.

Skills and Traits

  • Adjustable: can work across timezones.
  • Project management: strong background in project management is essential. This includes the ability to plan, execute, and close projects efficiently, while also managing resources, budgets, and timelines effectively.
  • Independence + execution: is senior enough to take program proposals or initiatives in paper format and independently execute them into fully fleshed, operational programs and initiatives. 
  • Responsible: for your own deadlines, work/life boundaries, and well-being.
  • Initiative: proactively finds problems and creates initiatives to solve them, talks to team members, and builds relationships with them.
  • Web3 native: has used dApps and crypto-wallets/exchanges, stays plugged into crypto news, understands the context of how things work in web3 such as borrowing, staking, and flash loans.
  • Personable and sociable: able to make friends with a variety of SR personalities, some of which will be very unique. 
  • Bonus: Solidity/web3 security knowledge is not expected, but would be a huge bonus!


  • Native English level. If your English is not at a native level, your application will not be considered.
  • Experience working with/for DAOs is a plus.
  • Experience in the cybersecurity industry, ideally working with hackers/SRs. 
  • Experience as an Acquisition Program Manager or in a similar role.
  • Passion for Blockchain/Crypto/Web3/DeFi and a desire to work in this new and innovative space. 
  • Enough technical experience or knowledge to be able to run in-person or online CTF events.

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