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May 27

Chainalysis is one of the oldest crypto companies to offer on-chain analysis for its clients. They offer investigation and compliance tools to crypto companies, government agencies, regulators, and more. For example, an exchange can hire them to flag transactions coming from wallets associated with exchange hacks or known terrorists to make sure they do not engage with them. Chainalysis software has been used to solve some of the biggest high-profile cases in the crypto industry.

Chainalysis has its offerings in more than 60 countries. At any given time, there are hundreds of Chainalysis Jobs. If you're looking for a career in Chainalysis, there's a lot of categories to choose from in Engineering, Marketing, and sales. Host of the jobs are not remote. But since Chainalysis has its offices in multiple countries, most jobs should be very accessible. Check out some of the Chainalysis jobs below:

The Revenue Operations team are experts at removing barriers, enabling growth, and ensuring Revenue has the right framework to move at the speed of progress. 

The Global Sales Compensation Operations Manager along with revenue operations leaders and global ecosystem leaders, will define and develop a strategy to achieve business goals while establishing a structured and disciplined management framework. The work we do optimizes sales’ performance 

We are looking for people to be based in either United Kingdom, Spain, France, Italy, or Ireland.

In this role, you’ll: 

  • Manage and maintain the sales organisation data and collaborate with other members of the Revenue Operations team to ensure all bookings are captured correctly within the commission system.

  • Develop and drive key operational metrics for the sales team (quota attainment, pipeline coverage, and stage conversion rates).

  • Partner with Geo Business Partners and RevOrg Leadership and the functional teams, during the quota-setting process to strategize, operationalize, and analyze data.

  • Play a key role in the annual GTM planning cycle to provide data-based insights on the effectiveness of the Incentive Compensation program. 

  • Leverage team business knowledge and expertise to drive business process improvements.

  • Model and recommend Incentive Compensation plan changes, support Sales inquiries, and partner with Finance and Sales orgs to ensure correct payments.

  • Design and build the Sales Compensation Dashboards to drive insights for planning and provide executive leadership with KPIs about their teams; promotes cross team alignment, increases transparency and accessibility of data, and centralizes the methodology of reporting.

  • Design the long-term plan for data integrity and structure for the Sales Compensation database

  • Model and recommend Incentive Compensation plan changes, sales contests and performance metrics to ensure the sales activities and behaviors are aligned with company objectives.

We’re looking for candidates who have:  

  • Sales Compensation Plan Experience Experience -  in administering and managing sales compensation plans, including commission structures, bonus programs, and incentive schemes. Knowledge of different compensation models such as quota-based, tiered commissions, and accelerators is valuable.

  • Data Analysis and Reporting: Proficiency in analyzing sales performance data to calculate commissions accurately. Experience in using analytical tools and software, particularly Captivate IQ and Salesforce to track sales metrics, commissions, and payouts. Ability to generate comprehensive reports and insights to support decision-making.

  • Sales Operations Knowledge: Understanding of sales processes and workflows within a SaaS organization. Familiarity with CRM systems (e.g., Salesforce) and sales automation tools to extract relevant data for commission calculations and analysis.

  • Process Improvement and Automation: Experience in streamlining commission processes through automation and process improvement initiatives

  • Regulatory Compliance: Awareness of regulatory requirements and compliance standards related to sales compensation, including labor laws, tax regulations, and industry-specific regulations (e.g., ASC 606 for revenue recognition in SaaS). Experience in ensuring commission plans adhere to legal and regulatory guidelines.

  • Able to work well under pressure, with a high degree of adaptability and flexibility in a fast paced, rapidly changing environment 

  • Have strong analytical skills and a structured approach to solving unique business problems

Nice to have experience: 

  • Prior experience at a growth stage Internet/software company as a bonus

About Chainalysis

Blockchain technology is powering a growing wave of innovation. Businesses and governments around the world are using blockchains to make banking more efficient, connect with their customers, and investigate criminal cases. As adoption of blockchain technology grows, more and more organizations seek access to all this ecosystem has to offer. That’s where Chainalysis comes in. We provide complete knowledge of what’s happening on blockchains through our data, services, and solutions. With Chainalysis, organizations can navigate blockchains safely and with confidence.

You belong here. 

At Chainalysis, we believe that diversity of experience and thought makes us stronger. With both customers and employees around the world, we are committed to ensuring our team reflects the unique communities around us. Some of the ways we’re ensuring we keep learning are an internal Diversity Committee, Days of Reflection throughout the year including International Women’s Day, Harvey Milk Day, World Humanitarian Day, and UN International Migrants Day, and a commitment to continue revisiting and reevaluating our diversity culture. 

We encourage applicants across any race, ethnicity, gender/gender expression, age, spirituality, ability, experience and more. If you need any accommodations to make our interview process more accessible to you due to a disability, don't hesitate to let us know. You can learn more here. We can’t wait to meet you. 

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