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May 24

Openbit is the ultimate cross-Bitcoin liquidity infrastructure built with industry-first De-TEE Network (Decentralized Trusted Execution Environment) and Zero-Knowledge Proof. It securely supports native assets including BTC, free-flowing liquidity across Bitcoin, L2s, Ethereum and other heterogenous blockchains. Powered by the secure and decentralized infrastructure, Openbit inheres a cross-Bitcoin liquidity layer with unparalleled interoperability and capital efficiency. As a liquidity pump, OpenBit serves as a cross-chain solution for Bitcoin ecosystem builders, cross-chain liquidity service for users, and a liquidity market of enhanced yield options for liquidity providers.

About the Team:

Our team is composed of industry experts and seasoned leaders from top tech companies and leading DeFi protocols. Led by a former head of ZKP at AntChain, our technical team includes elite TEE and ZKP specialists who have developed a high-level ZKP framework with millions of daily calls and over 80 patents. Our team members have strong academic backgrounds from prestigious institutions such as UC-Berkeley, the Chinese Academy of Science, and Tsinghua University.

Project Roadmap:

  • 2024 Q1: Seed round fundraising. Testnet launch readiness. Partnership building.
  • 2024 Q2: Testnet launch with cross-chain stable swap function. Go-to-market strategy initiation, launching testnet Points System and Loyalty NFT Series.
  • 2024 Q3: Strategic round fundraising. Mainnet launch with completed cross-chain stable and AMM swap. Ecosystem building.
  • 2024 Q4: Planned TGE and IDO. Enhanced infrastructure and liquidity market with deeper liquidity supporting a broader array of assets, including EVM and non-EVM chains.


As our Growth and Business Lead, you will play a pivotal role in accelerating OpenBit's growth and expanding our market presence. You'll spearhead initiatives, campaigns, and co-marketing efforts to drive growth and foster strategic partnerships within the blockchain ecosystem. Leading a dynamic and decentralized team, you'll promote transparency and inclusivity in alignment with the Bitcoin ethos.


  • Business Development Strategy: Design and implement outreach strategies to cultivate relationships with key partners, including Layer 1 and Layer 2 blockchain ecosystems, Bitcoin scaling initiatives, and DeFi projects.
  • Growth Strategy Execution: Work closely with Marketing team todrive initiatives, campaigns, and co-marketing efforts in collaboration with the marketing team to accelerate growth and expand market presence.
  • Team Management: Lead a dynamic and decentralized team, promoting transparency and inclusivity in line with the Bitcoin ethos.
  • Innovative Thinking: Drive innovation and adapt strategies based on evolving technological and market trends.
  • Strategic Problem Solving: Utilize excellent analytical and strategic problem-solving skills to foresee and navigate complex challenges.
  • Stakeholder Relations: Engage with investors, partners, regulators, and the Bitcoin community to build strong relationships and position the company as a market leader.


  • Experience: 3+ years of experience in partnerships, business development, or similar roles at high-growth technology companies. Experience in BD within blockchain ecosystems, cross-chain infrastructures, wallets, and DeFi projects is preferred.
  • Proven Expertise in Cryptocurrency market trends: Demonstrate a thorough understanding of crypto market trends, at both macro and micro levels. Ensuring strategies at Open Bit are always a step ahead of any upcoming trends. Proficient understanding of DeFi protocols (such as AAVE, MakerDAO, Curve, Uniswap, etc) and Zero-Knowledge Proof is a plus.
  • Deep grasp of Cryptocurrency Principles: Exhibit a thorough and detailed understanding of the principles of cryptocurrency, with a particular focus on Bitcoin, ensuring strategies are in sync with industry advancements and core ideals.
  • Leadership in a High-Growth Environment: Demonstrate the capability to lead a team of seasoned professionals within a rapidly expanding protocol, leveraging an industry-first Decentralized Trusted Execution Environment (De-TEE) and Zero-Knowledge Proof technologies.
  • Communication Skills: Outstanding communication skills, capable of effectively engaging with diverse stakeholders, finding common grounds with partners and negotiating business terms. Proficient in English is a must, proficiency in Mandarin is a plus. 

Why Join Us:

  • Early-Stage: Collaborate directly with the co-founding team and take ownership of pivotal projects.
  • Competitive Compensation: Monthly Basic + Dividend shares as a key contributor during these foundational stages. 
  • Team Background: You will join a team with a proven track record and deep connections in crypto space. Our co-founding team boasts years of invaluable experience and a network that spans the industry, offering you unparalleled insights and opportunities for growth.
  • Continuous Growth: At OpenBit, you will constantly be challenged, nurtured, and inspired to reach new heights. We foster a culture of innovation and continuous learning, empowering you to thrive in a dynamic and rapidly evolving environment.
  • Flexibility: Experience the freedom to work remotely from anywhere in the world, embracing a true digital nomad lifestyle.

Join us at OpenBit and embark on a thrilling journey in the evolving world of blockchain and Web3 technology. 

Website: https://openbit.network

Twitter: https://twitter.com/OpenBitBTC

White paper: https://openbit.network/assets/white_paper_beta-DJdgd2r-.pdf

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