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Senior Web3/Blockchain Developer

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Sep 09

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September 09, 2022

A well known and established DeFi protocol with a fervent community backing it up, that aims to offers a wide variety of the most efficient and innovative decentralized finance tools to its users. Further information will be shared in deep detail with the candidate upon a first successful interview.

Job Description

We have recently started looking for a Senior Web3/Blockchain Developer with extensive experience building Web3 applications (dApps) in the field of Decentralized Finance (DeFi), who will be joining our Blockchain Dev team.

Great communication skills in English are essential for frequent and effective communication with the rest of our remote team. Importantly, we would also require full-time commitment for this position.

Relevant skills & tech stack: Ethereum and Solidity, web3.js / ether.js, deep understanding of distributed ledger, blockchain safety, blockchain design principles, DeFi & ERC-20 tokens, Farm/Staking contracts — bonus if previous experience with Typescript and React as well.

On top of the salary, we also offer a significant amount of equity (pre-seed valuation of ~$30M USD) in the form of a token allocation. This is a vehicle to show our long-term commitment to have fair compensation for every team member based on their contributions to the protocol.

This combined compensation package of Salary + Equity is intended as a representation of what we're seeking in our ideal candidate: a capable Blockchain Developer with relevant experience who will stay deeply involved with the project and the rest of the team to ensure a functional, robust application is developed quickly and efficiently.

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September 09, 2022

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