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NEAR Rust Developer

Composable Finance is creating infrastructure to unlock the multi-layer, and multi-chain future of Ethereum, and other layer 1 blockchains. At present, the lack of compatibility between blockchains and layers results in disparity and inefficiency. Developers are very restricted in what they can build with siloed infrastructures, and users are forced to navigate complicated and lengthy processes if they want to utilize multiple chains or layers. With our products, we intend to reduce these barriers that DeFi creators and users face. We first bridge the gap between different Ethereum Layer 2 implementations, and then unlock further interoperability by allowing smart contracts.

Job Description

Full-time remote position

Composable finance is at the forefront of Crypto, we’re building a set of primitives that allow almost any asset or contract from multiple chains to interoperate.

Read further from our CEO: https://twitter.com/0xbrainjar/status/1519244211052232705


With this in mind, we’re seeking a talented developer with high attention to detail and a keen interest in building out the different components of a trustless bridge to NEAR protocol as a pivotal member of our team.

Trustless bridges like this one are the building blocks of interoperability and the future of DeFi.

Ideally, you’ll understand the high risk and responsibility associated with building a cross chain bridge, which you’ll look to navigate by writing highly secure smart contract logic and effective collaboration with team leads.


  • Design, and build out different components for cross chain bridge to NEAR (relayer, on-chain contracts)
  • Collaborate with our team of elite level Rust-aceans to build
  • Ensure thorough project quality and security
  • Write highly secure Rust code

Requirements & skills:

  • Worked with a high stakes environment environment in a blockchain protocol where security is paramount
  • +3 years in software engineering environments with solid Rust skills.
  • Familiarity with blockchains and distributed systems or contributed to open source projects
  • Experience with the NEAR contract environment and Ecosystem.


Nice to have:

  • Have built or implemented a cross chain bridge
  • Experience with implementing smart contracts or knowledge of Solidity, WASM & EVM
  • Experience with testing, security, or auditing smart contracts
  • Is interested in the Polkadot ecosystem 



  • Competitive Crypto payments, all made in USDC. 
  • 100% remote work. No geographic restrictions. 
  • An entrepreneurial environment that encourages innovation and facilitates the growth of cutting-edge technology. 
  • The ability to work as an independent contractor: We treat you as your own agent and support you accordingly!
  • Annual Working Equipment Allowance.
  • Monthly Gym & Fitness Bonus
  • Paid Absence Days
  • Global WeWork membership, with access to more than 600 locations worldwide.
  • Annual personal development funding to facilitate career development
  • Diversity & Inclusion: A company commitment to equal opportunity. We do not condone discrimination on the premise of race, color, religion, sexual orientation, age, gender identity or expression.

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