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Product Engineer; Front-End Dev

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Oct 01

Eulith is a venture-backed, early-stage startup building an institutional-grade execution engine for DeFi. This engine will enable a new class of systematic strategies backed by robust operational confidence. Our trading tools are the first of their kind in DeFi.

Our leadership led one of the largest Solidity code bases ever (14,000 LOC). That company wasacquired in 2021. Everyone, including the CEO, comes from technical backgrounds ranging fromphysics to math and computer science. We have unique experience building in traditional fintech(since 1999) and DeFi (since 2017). Our team comes from Harvard and other fancy places.

Job Description

We’re looking for a product engineer. Someone who can meet with clients to understand theirprecise needs, then design the wireframes or a client-side library, then build the whole thingautonomously - a god amongst mere mortals. If you find rose petals and disciples at your feet, please reach out.


  • Meet with clients; internalize their fears and ambitions
  • Conceptualize features and design the UI/UX of the front-end. The UI doesn’t need to be fancy, it does need to be functional.
  • The product is for trading/investing, so it's important to be familiar with fintech products.
  • Build out the entire front-end, including client facing screens, admin dashboard, auth scheme upgrades and usage data
  • Build expressive client libraries on top of our RPC endpoint


  • Based in NYC. Our office is located in Williamsburg, Brooklyn
  • +5 years product and UX design experience
  • +5 years experience with React and/or Vue
  • Experience working in a high growth tech startup. In short, you need to be super active about clarifying requirements and able to work autonomously
  • We ship a lot of code; we’re looking for a high output individual

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120,000 - 250,000 USD / year
83 applications

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