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Senior Business and Operations Manager

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MetaPrime is an exciting project in the crypto Metaverse space. We're a team of hardcore nerds building products, protocols and an open-source ecosystem for the emerging open metaverse.

The Metaverse sector is an exciting movement that brings together artists, creators, decentralized social media, internet communities, investors, open-source software developers, futurists and visionaries. MetaPrime's products consist of Blockchain tech, artwork marketplace, open-source software, social experience and crypto finance.

We're starting to build the core team and we are currently seeking a senior role to join the team and work closely with the founders and advisors.

This is a full-time role. The successful candidate will work closely with the CEO and drive the business and operations across the organization.

About MetaPrime:

MetaPrime is an ambitious project integrating multiple decentralized web infrastructure technologies: Storage, settlement, communication, compute, data indexing and more.  The team has a track record and domain expertise in the Substrate ecosystem with a strong open-source native approach. MetaPrime aims to establish foundational components that will serve the open metaverse and shape the future of immersive experience.

MetaPrime family products include KodaDot and PermaFrost

Job Description


* Have leadership experience in technology. 
* Experience in the monetization of digital products. 
* Track record of establishing effective processes to engage with clients, integration partners and astute understanding of tech products. 
* Manage internal and external relationships across HR, BD, Marketing and product.
* Enjoy learning about Blockchain technology and have a hands-on approach to trying new products and/or solve problems.
* Self-starter, this role is a leadership role and will require you to establish rapport with leaders in the industry as well as manage projects and teams to hit targets and milestones.
* Sound understanding of marketing and ability to learn fast the context of communication in the decentralized webspace.
* Sound understanding of product development processes and ability to support the team in release and product delivery.
* Ability to articulate value propositions, revenue agenda and initiate contact with relevant prospects to establish relationships and deliver the desired outcome. Able to reach out to prospects and follow through to convert
* Engage with other stakeholders in the business such as investors, service providers and prospective talent. 

**This role is a strategic role at an early-stage startup in a very fast-moving industry.**

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Posted on September 27, 2021

Apply for Senior Business and Operations Manager at MetaPrime

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