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Jul 14

At AID:Tech we believe that the future of finance is borderless, accessible, private and personalised. In line with that vision, our mission is to reduce inequality and increase opportunity by making identity and payment services seamless and accessible to all.

About the Role

As general rule of thumb, all candidates (regardless of the position) must observe the following:

  • Passion and curiosity for creating and building things. You enjoy learning new things and taking on new challenges
  • Problem solver. You have the habit and skills required to bring structure and clarity to potentially ambiguous or complicated scenarios
  • Proactive attitude. You are awesome and know that it is always better to propose solutions when discussing any issue
  • Independent; with experience and taste for working remotely. You are familiar with the tools and rituals of the trade, and comfortable working on your own and effectively communicating asynchronously with your teammates
  • Generous with your knowledge and experience. You enjoy putting on your mentor hat whenever appropriate to share your knowledge with the rest of your teammates
  • Fluent in English, written and spoken. We are a multinational and multicultural team after all

Job Description

The Role

As our Social Media and Community Manager, you will be key in managing our official social media channels (Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Reddit etc). We’re looking for a crypto-obsessed individual who has a sense of humour, is driven by social impact, and can create frequent posts and content to engage our followers and community. Someone who lives and breathes cryptocurrency & Web3.

You will also be responsible for building, managing and nurturing a global and diverse community. You will be the face of the project and have a direct impact on the health of the community on a daily basis. You will be involved in various responsibilities such as community communications, supporting them via Discord, Social Media, Organizing community related events like webinars and AMAs, and coordinating with chains and close partners for broader ecosystem initiatives.


  • Producing high quality, engaging, original content that can be used cross social media, community and publishing platforms
  • Own and operate multiple official social media and signal channels, as well as the content strategy/output and results for each
  • Have proven expertise in image editing to create compelling infographics, memes, gifs, and other marketing assets
  • Design and execute social media strategies, including defining and analyzing community growth and engagement metrics
  • Host regular events across AID:Tech’s social media channels
  • Build a strong rapport with other DAOs, projects, and influencers
  • Engage and build communities through one-on-one as well as one-to-many conversations.
  • Create a content calendar on a monthly basis for multiple brands and social media platforms
  • Drive user adoption, awareness, engagement, and education around AID:Tech’s products, our users and partners
  • Be the brand voice of AID:Tech across social media channels


  • 3~5 years experience in social media related roles.
  • Keen sense and understanding of the crypto market in general. Experience in the blockchain/crypto space is a must (as you need to be Crypto-Native to publish Crypto-Content)
  • Native or Fluent English language is a MUST.
  • A meme connoisseur and creator.
  • Demonstrates a clear and concise style of communication, with a creative/fun spin when relevant.
  • Have a passion and talent for creative and engaging storytelling and crafting high-value, educational, and persuasive social media content
  • Always have a pulse on the latest developments within the DAO, DeFi, and broader crypto landscape, and the ability to weave this knowledge into AID:Tech’s social media and community strategy

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