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Feb 20

Julian Voluntas
February 20, 2023

Voluntas is a decentralized platform for patients to engage with clinical research. Clinical trial recruitment is a primary bottleneck behind delays in medical research, and despite biopharma companies spending a great deal (over $6.5k per recruited patient), 80% of trials are delayed due to recruitment issues. We’re combining a traditional business-to-business operation that sells data and services to industry with a tokenized model that rewards patients for contributing their data and engaging with the research ecosystem. Patients have clear control and ownership over their data and share in the economic value generated.

Voluntas is founded by entrepreneurs with experience co-founding successful companies (raised $100m+ venture, valued at over $1B) in the health data and clinical trials spaces, including TrialSpark and Canvas Medical. We have a few contracts with biopharma companies / researchers right now and are actively recruiting patients.

Feel free to get in touch with us at contact [at] voluntas [dot] network for more information on the company (e.g., pitch deck, whitepaper) – or apply and we can tell you more!

Job Description

We are hiring 1-2 engineers as we build Voluntas, a hybrid health tech / crypto company pioneering a new model for patients to interact with clinical research. We’ve secured a few contracts and built a basic MVP already, but these will be our first full time members of the team to focus purely on the technology build.

For the right person with a senior level of experience and drive, we’d bring you on to lead our technology build out and give you a co-founder level of equity / token warrants. We have a strong plan for our product roadmap – involving a simple front-end for patients to register, infrastructure / UI to earn and interact with our token, and so on – and would love for this person to work with us and take ownership over the technical build.

While we could list a tech stack we anticipate you’d likely use, the truth is that we will likely scrap most of our current MVP for the new product you build with us – so you’d be able to guide the stack we utilize. We do anticipate deploying our token on an EVM-compatible chain, so experience with web3 tooling and solidity code is expected. You would work with us across the full scope of our product and have the capability to bring on people to help fill engineering roles as we grow.

If you’re an entry-to-mid level engineer (with experience building crypto apps / coding in solidity), we’d be excited to bring you on to help us build out the product. You’d still get a significant amount of equity / token warrants and the ability to help guide our technology, grow the team, and develop into a leadership role within the company. 

Regardless of your experience level, we expect the right person to be execution-oriented, flexible, and excited to work across a range of product areas.

This is a remote position and we’re excited to work with the right people from anywhere. We’re located on the US East Coast, but your schedule is flexible and doesn’t need to match our hours. While we sometimes meet up in person, the company operates remotely. No travel required other than coming to team offsites (likely in the US) around twice a year.

Your total compensation package (cash + equity / token warrants) will depend on the experience you bring and your own preferences.

We expect this to be a full-time commitment (with vacation / time off allowances). This doesn’t mean you can’t be involved in other things, but the expectation is that this is your primary focus. With that said, we do anticipate bringing on limited-term and part-time technical help as well, so if you’re a good fit but only on a short term or part-time basis, please feel free to apply (but let us know that when you contact us).

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February 20, 2023

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