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May 13

Eclipse Fi is on a mission to bring back power to the people, not the privileged. It is a community and builder-centric hub for token launches, working to reduce the reliance on predatory actors and bringing crypto back to its roots.

Multi-chain but with a homebase on Neutron (Cosmos Ecosystem) Eclipse Fi is a modular multi-chain launch protocol pioneering a toolkit for launches and reputation scoring that matches long-term users with quality projects. The second product in the ecosystem, Eclipse Equinox is the governance aggregator built on top of Astroport DEX (Delphi labs) with the intention of driving liquidity into the launch ecosystem.



  • Launch and lockdrop of highly anticipated Equinox Pipeline of exciting new launches and node sales
  • Development of new launch models 
  • Start of development on permissionless arm
  • Completion of bECLIP and Cosmic Foundry splitter
  • New narrative and roadmap unveil


  • 35+ partnerships/collaborations, including: zkME, Astroport, Bonus Block, and others
  • Large pipeline of launch Projects and node sales 
  • One of the strongest KOL networks of any launchpad
  • 210k+ Testnet Participants
  • 190k Twitter followers
  • 90k Discord members

*Won open prize pool in Delphi Cosmos Hackathon (Neutron track)

*Was selected in first cohort of the ICF Builder Program

*Inspired ARC-75: Astroport trading fee share

Your day to day…

As Community Lead you will manage all direct communication with the EclipseFi Community (Discord, Telegram chat, Zealy/Galxe Campaigns, Twitter comments, AMAs, Customer Support, etc.) - with a focus on growth, engagement and building a long lasting culture. 

Your focus…

  • De-gen who is heavily involved in the DeFi communities and ecosystem
  • Building and managing a community-building strategy including engagement campaigns, retention strategies, guerilla marketing campaigns that engage the community, and the customer support strategy.
  • Working closely with the Head of Marketing to ensure that marketing efforts are targeted at attracting more community members and addressing their primary needs (focusing on retention).
  • Work with the marketing team to create campaigns/quests and giveaways for community engagement (both general and tailored to specific project updates) - ensuring community engagement is rewarded.
  • Create, control, and optimise the community workflow - including aggregating issues, troubleshooting, controlling moderation speed and quality and establishing local communities.
  • Creating user guides, tutorials, and ensuring the adequacy of the knowledge base and support materials. 
  • Working closely with the product team to ensure that the product has the necessary tooltips / explainers to reach a seamless user flow.
  • Conducting user satisfaction surveys and analysing their results, working closely with our Head of Marketing to implement any adaptations and ensure unity. 
  • Assist in the leadership and growth of the Moderation and Ambassador teams.
  • Be deeply embedded (always!) with our community members to foster community culture and keep your finger on the pulse.
  • Work together with the Marketing team and community leaders to create innovative ideas to activate current community members, and grow the existing community in alignment with our narrative.
  • Structure and oversee our community expansion and engagement into additional geographic regions and languages.

About you…

  • 3+ years in leadership roles organising DeFi Communities with a focus on retention
  • Ability to lead, show initiative, work autonomously and make decisions in a rapid environment - while being a team player!
  • Crypto native user, with a creative flair for content and memes
  • You love Crypto so much that you are terminally online on socials and across all the latest trends and announcements
  • Ability to switch context and manage multiple conversations and tasks
  • Creative and forward thinking for deepening community interest
  • Ability to build strong relationships to create a unified community

Why work with us...

  • Competitive salary and potential for team token allocations.
  • Flexible working hours.
  • Dynamic working environment.
  • Part of a strong culture focused on growth and learning.
  • Close involvement with Founders and working closely with top-tier partners.
  • Opportunity to be part of a token launch revolution.

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