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Mar 31

The next meta in web3 is social. WalletChat is building the future of web3 communication, starting with wallet-to-wallet messaging. We provide one-on-one direct messaging, community messaging, and more. Via our web app, browser extension, and API. -

We are a small team of five - experienced in building funded startups up to Series B and beyond. We are spread across four continents and do most of our work async over discord. We have an informal, independent, and results-driven working culture. You will be expected to learn fast and keep pace with our rapidly-evolving nature of work, as we continue building towards a product-market fit.


You love creating great content! Your goal is to spread the WalletChat gospel and make sure individuals and businesses across the web3 galaxy know who we are and what we stand for. You will need to get creative to achieve this. Expect to do stuff like -

  • Create fun & engaging social media content (mostly twitter but also LinkedIn, medium, etc)
  • Write thought leadership articles about WalletChat and the web3 social space
  • Find ways to creatively distribute our content to reach the largest audience possible
  • Design and execute whatever strategies you can think of, to make sure WalletChat goes viral
  • Help us craft our brand persona to be fun & relatable, but credible at the same time


IDGAF. Don’t send us your degrees and accolades. Show us what you can do! Apply with examples of your previous work that went viral. Whatever that is. Bonus points if you can do text + design. ChatGPT / Midjoruney power users welcome!


You will learn about building startups, web3, distributed teams, and get the chance to contribute to the bleeding-edge future of this space. You will get to work with some smart people building cool products. Salaried role (full-time or part-time), with possible equity options in our funded startup.

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