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Apr 15

Bringing the scalability and quality of service from web2 to web3

Linera is the first blockchain infrastructure optimized to provide web3 applications with unprecedented horizontal scaling, bringing the infinite scalability of Web2 to Web3. Founded by Mathieu Baudet, a former Meta/Novi engineer and researcher with a PhD in cryptographic protocols, Linera redefines blockchain scalability by pioneering microchains – lightweight chains that operate in parallel within a common set of validators.Β 

Linera is backed by some of the world's leading investors. We are early in our journey and looking for Rust engineers to join our team.

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Linera redefines blockchain scalability by pioneering microchains – lightweight chains that operate parallel within a common set of validators. The Linera system scales by adding chains, not by increasing the size or the production rate of blocks.

What we believe

  • Cheap horizontal scalability is what made the success of Internet as we know it. Web3 applications will not become mainstream if users experience poor quality of service (say, higher latency or greater fees) during peak hours.

  • Blockchain users understand the risk of trusting a centralized system with their assets and opinion leaders will continue to advocate for strong decentralization.

  • Recent awareness on scalability issues (e.g. with the success of Solana) will be followed by increasing awareness on fairness issues (e.g. cross-chain MEV).

In short, now is the right time to revisit the "Blockchain Trilemma" and push the boundaries of decentralization, scalability, and fairness in blockchain protocols.

You will be a great fit for this role if:

  • You are passionate about building software that serves people.

  • You love innovation and are comfortable with open-ended technical challenges.

  • You are familiar with Web3 technologies, or are eager to learn.

  • You love coding in Rust.

  • You have a proven track record of shipping great software for 5+ years.

  • You appreciate clean code, automated tests, and documentation. You understand the importance of quality, security, and community trust in Web3 projects.

  • You thrive in small teams and are used to having significant ownership of the problems that you are working on.

You will:

  • Build open-source software in Rust and contribute to the design of a new blockchain infrastructure.

  • Be part of a strong team that values and encourages expertise across many domains (starting with: blockchain protocols, distributed systems, cloud infrastructure, software security, and cryptography).

  • As an early team member, set the culture and the foundations of Linera.

  • Receive excellent compensation and benefits.

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