Assistant Manager, Digital Product Operations

RRMine is an innovative distributed hashing computing service platform, invested by Withdao PTE. LTD. , providing deep sharing mining service for global users without risk.

RRMine With large-scale, refined operation and cost control capabilities, guaranteed profitability, and protection of user rights, it is the entrance for ordinary users participating in digital assets, such as filecoin investment.

Job Description


-Daily operation data statistics

-Responsible for the online execution of the company's NFT, DAO community, and other types of projects during the operation process

-To connect the product design and development process, including related documents, requirements sorting, and meeting organization.

-Docking the implementation between products and various cooperation channels.


* Fluent in English and Chinese

* Strong problem-solving skills and analytical abilities

* Familiar with global mainstream apps, sensitive to their new functions and marketing campaign 

4,000 - 8,000 SGD / month
12 applications

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