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Aug 04

Eternity is a legacy-based web3 social platform that aims to redefine how we leave behind our digital footprint. Eternity is a platform for building meaningful memories, and representations, documenting/sharing your life's work, connecting with family, and storing your assets to pass on to future generations. Eternity Mission: The vision for this new social platform is to enrich your legacy to be eternalized by leveraging blockchain technology. Our goal is to make web 3.0 feel seamless to the younger and older generations. We also believe that the utility for NFTs has not crossed over into our day-to-day lives and tokenizing photos, posts, medical certificates, deeds, and using the core value of what an NFT represents will shape our lives. NFTs are revolutionary in the digital asset arena as they allow for verifiable ownership, and protection over IP and they live immutably on-chain. We believe that you should be able to crowdfund without barriers for causes that you are passionate about and make a positive impact on society.

Job Description

Direct responsibilities are:

  • Define and drive the technological vision for the company together with the CEO.
  • Shape, articulate, and execute the engineering strategy
  • Make architecture decisions to ensure a strong, stable, and scalable product
  • Rapidly develop and test first version prototypes and MVPs
  • Work with dev teams as well as ‘in-house’ developers to accelerate parts of the development process
  • Constantly evaluate technological advancements and innovative solutions to drive continuous product improvement
  • Understand and identify risks when integrating with potential partners’ infrastructure and APIs
  • Manage and implement integrations with 3rd-party technology platforms
  • Build a strong and attractive engineering culture while working with a flexible, agile, and iterative approach
  • Recruit, lead, and retain a team of high-performing software developers
50,000 - 99998 USD / year
5 applications

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