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Aug 01

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Job Description

We’re looking for a kickass writer to join our team and help us explain the awesome things we’re building in the NFT space. Our team is building a data-focused platform, working with artists directly to incubate awesome new ideas, and working on a few secret projects :)

We need a writer to support a few elements of our business including: educational content writing, instructional writing (FAQs/knowledgebase), and marketing content creation (email/social/etc.). Any skill in copywriting for advertising and/or web will be considered valuable as well.

Ideally, you:
- Are interested in tech
- Have used MetaMask
- Are interested/invested in cryptocurrencies
- Have collected/traded NFTs
- Can connect with an audience in a couple sentences
- Have experience writing conversion-focused content

The majority of the marketing team is based in Asia, and you will be expected to attend at least 2 team calls per week.

Initially, we will be looking for 8000-10000 words per week, but we will ultimately be expecting at least 10000 words per week, but no more than 15000. This offer includes the option to go full time, and we can also offer a freelancer agreement. We can be relatively flexible on pricing.

With your application, please include your resume and 3-5 samples of your writing as links so they do not need to be downloaded. No cover letter is necessary.

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