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Fullstack Software Engineer

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May 05

Ittai Den
May 05, 2022


Over the course of a five day sprint, we raised over $40m from 17,000 people to bid on a copy of the US Constitution at auction. Within a few tense, stomach-churning minutes, our hopeful anxiety turned to disappointment - we had lost.

It became clear in the days leading up to the auction that the tools for building DAOs were inflexible and holding us back. All on-chain actions, from a $40M transfer to FTX, to just simply sending $100, required the same excessive effort and massive coordination from multiple people all over the world. This slowed us down and made an already stressful situation more painful and anxiety-inducing. We started Den to tackle these pain points head-on.

What is Den?

Den is the financial account for crypto-native teams. Den helps teams manage their funds safely and execute on-chain transactions fast. Without Den, teams waste days executing multi-sig transactions. Today, our product is in private beta where we serve some of the most exciting and potentially-transformative DAOs in the world.

Our mission is to transition the world to the crypto economy. Den will be the home base for more than $18T in deposits that will move on-chain over the next 10 years. We will start by serving crypto-native organizations, expanding to traditional businesses, and eventually to nation states. We’re a well-funded team that is backed by some of the most successful organizations and individuals in web3.

Job Description

The Role

As a Software Engineer at Den, you’ll develop full stack web applications that help crypto-native organizations, like DAOs, build and execute transactions fast. You will work closely with the co-founders of Den (both technical), build the foundation of an engineering team from both a technical and cultural standpoint, and lead technically as the organization scales.

We’re looking for a candidate that deeply internalizes Den’s Values and executes at the speed of light.

Our stack

  • Javascript / Typescript
  • React, Next.js
  • Node.js, Express.js, GraphQL
  • Sequelize, PostgreSQL, Ethers.js
  • Alchemy, Heroku, Elasticsearch

What we’re looking for

Must have:

  • Experience with or strong interest in crypto, DAOs, and web3
  • Alignment with Den’s Values
  • Effective communication skills and high emotional intelligence
  • Ability to execute faster than most people think is possible
  • Entrepreneurial self-starter with project management skills
  • Experience with Javascript/Typescript

Nice to have:

  • UX experience
  • Ability to make architectural decisions and lead technically as we scale
  • Experience with React, GraphQL, SQL, and ethers.js or web3.js
  • Experience reading and writing Solidity smart contracts, familiarity with security pitfalls


  • Competitive Equity
  • Top quality Health, dental, and vision insurance
  • $150 / month Health and Wellness stipend towards Gym, Mental Health, etc
  • Paid lunch
  • 20 days PTO, flexible if needed


Den’s founding team met in 2017. Ittai was freelancing as a Solidity engineer and mining Ether, while Jonah was running decentralized storage nodes. Ittai has led cross-chain smart contract development projects, forked the Geth Ethereum client, and managed several engineering teams. Jonah led backend infrastructure projects at Bubble, performed smart contract audits for top decile venture firms, and advised $200M in DeFi voting power. Both were core team for ConstitutionDAO working on engineering, marketing, and new crypto user education.

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May 05, 2022

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