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Apr 23


  • Bunzz is a leading company in Web3Γ—AI, operating Asia's largest DApps development infrastructure.
  • We develop and provide various Web3 infrastructures and services aimed at realizing "Smart Contracts as a public good.
  • We raised $4.5M in a seed round.

Our main products

Bunzz Audit (AI-based Audit Firm)

AnyAlt Finance (On-Ramp+DEX aggreggator)

Smart Contract Hub (Web3 version of Github. The easiest tool for deployment)

Thank you for viewing our job posting. At Bunzz, we are seeking a Sales and Business Development Lead to drive the growth of the following two products:

Bunzz Audit

Bunzz Audit is an AI-based auditing firm. A unique feature that sets us apart from competitors is our specialized technology that not only utilizes AI but also scans by dividing databases and codes for vulnerabilities. We have successfully attracted conversions from long-tail users such as emerging projects that cannot afford the high costs of established major auditing firms(e.g. CertiK, QuantStamp) before fundraising. This supports our hypothesis that there is a demand for low-cost&accurate audit services among small to medium-sized projects that cannot utilize large firms. Therefore, aggressive sales led by our sales lead are key to growth. Bunzz Audit is currently one of the most notable AI-driven audit services.

Please check here for a sample report generated by Bunzz Audit.

AnyAlt Finance

This is a CeDeFi product that combines an on-ramp with a DEX. Users can directly purchase any token with local fiat currencies, specifically all tokens available on 1inch using fiat. This capability is unique to the integration of on-ramp and DEX technologies and cannot be achieved by either alone. It is a revolutionary product that meets a real need.

Specific Use Cases

Emerging token projects want to increase liquidity and grow their holder base by implementing CTA with liquidity providers on platforms like Uniswap and PancakeSwap. However, DEXs cannot meet the needs of users who want to use credit cards or fiat currencies. The AnyAlt widget makes this possible. Users can simply paste a snippet of code to integrate the AnyAlt Swap UI into their liquidity platforms.

From the project side, there are no fees to pay, meaning it is cost-free for users to enhance liquidity. This is a highly attractive selling point.

Thank you for reading through to the end. We look forward to your application.

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