Social Media Manager

Kinetex Network provides highly efficient cross-chain trading, enabling instant crypto asset transfers between networks through zero-knowledge proofs.

Job Description

We are looking for an SMM manager with experience in the field of crypto. As our first SMM manager, you will play a key role in attracting followers and interacting with our social media community, primarily on Twitter/Discord. If you're a creative specialist with a genuine love for your craft, read on!

Your Responsibilities:

  • Understand and leverage Twitter search algorithms to ensure maximum visibility and engagement; 
  • Be proactive on Twitter and Discord; 
  • Work closely with the marketing team to create content plans and strategies to attract subscribers; 
  • Develop plans for programs and campaigns on Twitter and Discord; 
  • Ability to explain complex ideas and topics in simple language; 
  • Communicate with subscribers, promote participation in discussions and monitor customer feedback; 
  • Create a positive atmosphere in the Twitter/Discord community; 
  • Conduct research on current trends on Twitter; 
  • Collection and analysis of basic metrics and formulas.

What We Require:

  • Experience in managing and communicating Twitter/Discord in the field of cryptocurrencies; 
  • Knowledge of Twitter promotion mechanics; 
  • Copywriting skills; 
  • Proficient knowledge of English;
  • Knowledge of Reddit will be an advantage; 
  • Knowledge of “crypto-twitter” will be an advantage;

Good Stuff:

  • We're not into too much paperwork or boring stuff. We like to get things done.
  • We value the input of each team member, as it contributes directly to the product's evolution.
  • We really like it when you take charge and come up with new things.
  • Our company maintains an accessible management structure, open to receiving and implementing suggestions.
  • Potential bonuses upon reaching key developmental milestones.
  • Personalized bonus structure for pivotal members of the proactive development squad.
  • Fully remote work with a flexible schedule, accommodating mutual agreements.

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