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May 26

BitMEX is one of the earliest cryptocurrency exchanges with a derivatives trading platform. BitMEX was founded in 2014. However, it was with the introduction of perpetual futures that the exchange became immensely popular.

BitMEX truly revolutionised the industry by introducing perpetual industry and changed how traders thought of trading Bitcoin. The exchange is registered in Seychelles.

BitMEX is mainly based out of Hong Kong. However, they do have offices in other US cities such as Chicago, Milwaukee, New York, and San Francisco.

If you're looking for BitMEX Jobs, expect to be extremely competent. With the popularity of the exchange, they expect their employees to be the best in their fields. If you feel you are, check out some of the jobs below:

Job Description


BitMEX was one of the first crypto exchanges for derivatives. It exists to provide institutional and professional traders with a platform that caters to their needs.

BitMEX created the Perpetual Swap, the most popular crypto trading product in history. It is the only major global exchange that continues to create new cryptocurrency derivative products, most recently, the ETH Staking Swap. 

On BitMEX, users can trade cryptocurrency derivatives on a professional trading platform that provides low latency, deep liquidity and constant availability.  Since 2014, no cryptocurrency has been lost through intrusion or hacking, allowing BitMEX users to trade safely in the knowledge that their funds are secure. Spot trading is also supported, as well as the purchase and conversion of cryptocurrency - BitMEX supports 45+ derivatives contracts, 11 pairs for spot trading and the ability for users to convert 30+ cryptocurrencies. 

We are looking for individuals who are determined, responsible and collaborative to join BitMEX as we continue to build a thriving cryptocurrency ecosystem. We value attention to detail, speed and simplicity. As a global business operating a 24/7 exchange, we seek out those who are adaptable and can work across markets and timezones. 

For more information on BitMEX, company initiatives and our products, please visit the BitMEX Blog or, and follow Discord, Telegram and Twitter.

Your Role

As a Digital Editor in our marketing and communications function, you will be responsible for managing the creation and dissemination of high quality content, created for traders and other key stakeholders across our channels and content streams. 

You will have experience in developing and executing multifaceted content strategies with successful, measurable results.

You will have tremendous attention to detail,  and an ability to be creative in your approach when opportunity presents, but also understand that in some instances, less is very much more. 

You will be able to interpret data and call upon that skill to better inform your work. 

Key Responsibilities 

  • Content development: Creation of content for various channels (blog, website, social media, animations and long form video content) that follows the BitMEX style guide, and speaks to not just to traders, but other key stakeholders (media, regulators and more). 
  • Content collaboration: Work with graphic designer and other agency partners on assets needed for simple updates and larger, more in depth campaigns, across various formats. 
  • Content publishing and liaison: Coordinate the publishing of content on various channels, often in accordance with product and platform teams as initiatives roll live.
  • Support colleagues within various teams across the business (e.g. sales, products, legal, compliance and more) to create content in accordance with their needs. 
  • Proactively develop campaigns and content for trading competitions both for BitMEX, as well as our partners and affiliates.

Additional responsibilities 

  • Agency collaborations: You will collaborate with external agencies on larger content pieces (for example sponsored media content, for those organisations that BitMEX sponsors). 
  • Social media content plan: You will create pro-active content for multiple social media channels, as well as reactive content in line with market movements and sentiment. 
  • Media and communications relations: You might be called upon to collaborate on launches and initiatives with our external agencies that represent BitMEX in various markets 


  • Three to five years experience in writing, editing and managing content in various forms, e.g. written content, graphics, animations or video content.  a relevant field (financial services, Trading or cryptocurrency ideal).
  • Exceptional written and verbal communications skills. A native English speaker and writer is preferred, however it is not essential. Additional languages support in Mandarin, Russian, Spanish and/or Turkish is a bonus, but not essential.
  • Experience with social media platforms (namely Twitter, Telegram, Linkedin, Discord and YouTube), both in content creation and management 
  • Experience with content management systems - Wordpress and Contentful is preferred, along with an understanding of EDM marketing 
  • A great ability to optimise content via SEO, keyword searches, backlinks, metadata and more  
  • A Bachelor’s degree in communications, journalism, marketing, finance or equivalent required.
  • Experience in using Google analytics and other methods to better inform their work moving forward 
  • Excellent interpersonal skills, and impeccable judgment with the ability to maintain confidentiality 


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