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Head Storyteller & Growth Alchemist

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Jun 27

About Sapien

Sapien, established in 2023, is building the world's largest and most diverse network of human data labelers that the AI industry relies on to power its high-performance models. Sapien’s novel approach to human data labeling through gamification and blockchain incentives creates positive reinforcement loops that ensure high engagement from labelers and optimal data quality for customers.

πŸͺ Wanted: Galactic Growth Guru for Sapien's Data Revolution πŸͺ

Are you a promotional prodigy with a love for crypto and a gift for converting curiosity into community? Sapien is on a mission to democratize AI data labeling, enabling anyone, anywhere to earn a real wage with just their smartphone. We're building the largest and most diverse human-powered AI data labeling network, and we need YOUR cosmic creativity to fuel our rocket ship! πŸš€

🎭 The Role: Head Storyteller & Growth Alchemist

We're not just looking for a Head of Growth/Marketing. We're seeking a narrative necromancer who can weave tales so compelling, even ChatGPT will be taking notes. Your mission, should you choose to accept it:

  1. πŸ“š Craft legends that turn heads, connect wallets, and illuminate our mission of global economic empowerment
  2. πŸ§™β€β™‚οΈ Conjure GTM strategies that make competitors say "WTF?" while showcasing our commitment to fair wages
  3. πŸ‘οΈ Wield aesthetics like a superpower in the digital realm, bringing our inclusive vision to life

The Sapien Saga: Born in the crucible of 2023, Sapien is building the world's largest and most diverse network of data labelers, powered by gamification and onchain rewards. Our goal? To create an unstoppable feedback loop of engagement and quality that'll make the latest data-hungry AI models drool, all while providing economic opportunities to everyone, everywhere.

Your Quest:

  • Develop marketing plans more addictive than DeFi yield farming
  • Oversee our brand's evolution from caterpillar to butterfly, emphasizing our role in democratizing AI
  • Manage a marketing budget with the precision of a diamond-handed HODLer, while maximizing our social impact
  • Analyze market trends faster than a frontrunning bot
  • Lead a team of marketing mavericks to the promised land of viral growth

The Chosen One Will Possess:

  • An onchain mindset so strong, you dream in smart contracts
  • SEO skills that would make Google blush
  • Financial savvy rivaling a DAO treasurer
  • Analytical prowess to rival the best quant traders
  • AI knowledge deeper than the Ethereum blockchain

Why Join the Sapien Rebellion? At Sapien, we're not just building a company; we're igniting a revolution in AI data labeling and economic empowerment. You'll be the spark that sets the crypto world ablaze with our vision of a more inclusive AI economy.Β 

Ready to mint your future with Sapien? Don't just send a resume – show us your galaxy brain energy! Tell us your story, craft a meme that showcases your skills, or craft your vision into a unique pitch.

Ready to help Sapien redefine the future of data labeling and economic inclusion? Apply now! πŸ“

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