Marketing Lead

First, a bit about Thrive...We are an early stage startup crypto company building a token economy that allows any person tocontribute value to groups and businesses they care about... and be rewarded. In other words, we’rea scalable, equitable rewards solution for web3 communities.Our founding team are successful entrepreneurs and crypto tech execs from top universities(Williams, Stanford, Harvard, etc.) who have worked together for years. We are supporting andpartnered with some of the most well-known and well-respected groups in the space.

Job Description:

You'll be responsible for developing and delivering the marketing success for Thrive Protocol. This includes defining and delivering on functional metrics directly influencing the company success metrics. To do this, you will develop and implement creative marketing campaigns, community engagement initiatives, content creation to promote our brand and products to web3 and crypto enthusiasts -- and beyond.  

You will be expected to develop a team of MarComs experts with a passion for making big bets, learning from experiments and relentlessly driving the company forward. 


  • Develop and deliver functional metrics in partnership with other company leaders that move the business forward.¬†We only have three success metrics - your job is to explode those¬†¬†
  • Campaign development: Plan, execute, and optimize marketing campaigns to increase brand awareness, user acquisition, and community engagement - big experiments¬†
  • Channel development: Identify and leverage the right marcoms channels to get the word out and drive meaningful top of funnel engagement.¬†
  • Build and mentor a team of passionate defi / DAO marketing degens to win
  • Lead the cadence and set content expectations for each of our key partner communities
  • Partnerships and collaborations: Identify and establish partnerships with key players in theDAO, crypto, and web3 ecosystem to expand our reach and influence
  • Acquire thorough knowledge of our partner communities and their present and futurechallenges and opportunities, and how our solution addresses them
  • Content creation: Get your hands dirty - if we need content, jump in and show the team what needs to be done.¬†¬†
  • Analytics and reporting: Monitor the performance of marketing campaigns, track key metrics,and provide regular reports with actionable insights to improve strategies.
  • Event participation: Represent the company at web3 and crypto conferences, meetups, and

events to network and promote our brand

Job Requirements:

  • Crypto and web3 marketing experience is a must¬†
  • Experience working in a startup - it's chaotic, messy, and undefined. And you have to love that.¬†¬†
  • Experience managing marketers, KOLs, influencers,¬†and agencies - this is a building role.¬†
  • At least 3 years‚Äô experience in a full-time marketing lead role, ideally in web3 or crypto
  • Expert knowledge of existing web3 and crypto communities and how to engage them
  • Experience cultivating, managing, and/or growing web3 marketing talent¬†
  • Exceptional time management, including work planning, prioritization, and organization
  • Ability to create succinctly written marketing and social media messaging
  • Fluent in spoken and written English
  • Have fun; make sure others have fun too
  • Highly autonomous; you thrive on experimentation & making big bets¬†
  • High emotional intelligence with an ability to think strategically, and innovatively
  • Intrinsic desire to build alongside a passionate and mission-driven team whose values align

with yours

Work expectations:

  • Full time+ this is not a cushy 9 to 5 job
  • Vision-focused / heart alignment
  • Outcome oriented; unafraid to speak up and take initiative


  • Participation in a near-term token generation event - and all the associated rewards
  • Stock options and/or tokens after the first successful full-time month together
  • Flexible working hours
  • Remote and distributed workforce (e.g. work from home!)
  • Rapid learning and growth
  • Opportunity to learn from and collaborate with a team of all-stars

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