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How to Hire a Discord Manager

Discord has emerged as a powerful platform for online communities, connecting millions of users around shared interests and passions like gaming as well as Web3 and crypto. The platform offers server and channel organization, custom user permissions, bot integrations, various thematic customizations and communication modes, making it a multifaceted platform for communities of all types that want to gather somewhere and interact.

Central to the success of these communities is the Discord Manager, a skilled professional responsible for running the community, creating engagement, and maintaining a positive environment for members. By doing so, they help projects and companies build strong connections with their audience, driving growth and achieving their goals.


There is an ever-increasing number of Discord servers worldwide, almost 6.7 million, so the platform's 175 million monthly active users are spoiled for choice. That is why communities have to work extra hard to bring themselves to the forefront. If done successfully with the help of Discord Managers, there is a higher likelihood of community success and project growth.

If you're contemplating hiring a Discord Manager or are already convinced of their value, then you’re in the right place. This article will guide you through how to hire a Discord Manager, from defining the role and its responsibilities to outlining the best questions to ask for a quality hire.

What are the responsibilities of a Discord Manager?

As the demand for community management surges, the role of Discord Managers has emerged as a pivotal one. Let’s take a look at the most important skills for a Discord Manager to have:

Communication: In order to manage a server, a Discord Manager should have excellent command of both spoken and written language, as well as empathic skills. Clear communication is crucial for managing a Discord community, as it involves moderating chats, making discussions possible, and connecting the community with the overseeing project.

Channel management: Discord Managers structure discussions by creating channels for different topics, ensuring a well-organized and easy-to-navigate community. They should be able to distinguish between important enough themes, categories or topics to create channels in the first place, and then divide their time in between them to regularly moderate and engage with the community. Sometimes managers make the mistake of creating too many channels, and only a few go on to serve a proper purpose.

Server organization: Understanding the Discord platform and its features is essential for providing the best customer service and managing the community effectively. Discord Managers should know how to manage server settings, such as roles, permissions, and integrations, and also how to set up bots and automations in order to maintain organization and aid communication. Organizing the server also includes a major aspect of Discord management, moderation, which is highly required to ward off spammers (and they come in great numbers). Sometimes they’re forgiven, and sometimes they’re banned. It’s up to the manager to uphold and enforce community rules.


Member support: Part of being a Discord manager or moderator is the important task of lending support to community members. This could be technical issues relating to using the Discord server or broader issues that branch into the project’s website features and offerings. If faced by the latter problem, for example, a Discord Manager would have exceptional problem-solving skills and know when to get in touch with the internal tech team and find answers for the community. Going the extra mile is important for providing a successful community experience.

Monitor and analyze growth: Discord Managers may be required to know about data tracking tools to effectively monitor and analyze community growth and engagement. These tools can provide insights into server statistics, user behavior, and channel activity, helping Discord Managers make informed decisions for community management and engagement strategies. Some popular Discord analytics tools include Discord Insights, Statbot, and Blaze.

Crisis management: Discord Managers should have the ability to deal with any sort of crises effectively as it is crucial for maintaining community trust and managing discussions and debates between users. Community members need to hear from a trusted authority in times of confusion and in those moments, Discord Managers can prove to be very helpful because they have a rapport and relationship with the community and dispel rumors and calm them down.

Where to find your next Discord Manager

Discord Managers can be found in a number of places online. Anyone’s first thought would be searching traditional job marketplaces like LinkedIn or ZipRecruiter, and that’s completely fine. However, we would recommend you to check out more niche places - such as existing Discord servers you follow, especially those related to job hunting or on Twitter, where a lot of managers handling communities regularly interact with other people.

Lastly, if you want a more specialized way of finding your next Discord mod or manager, you should check out talent boards. If you’re looking for a crypto discord manager, you should check out this Web3 talent board.

Questions to ask when hiring Discord Managers

When seeking to fill the job role of a Discord Manager, it's essential to ask questions that scratch beyond the surface. Such questions help to uncover the job applicant’s capacity to navigate the complexities of digital engagement and community dynamics.

From assessing their strategic vision for community growth to gauging their proficiency in conflict resolution and moderation techniques, recruiters can pick some of the questions from below and use them in the interview process.

What is your level of experience with moderation?

The purpose of this question is to gauge the job applicant’s familiarity with managing, moderation and communications tasks and their ability to handle various situations professionally. If you’re starting a completely new community, it’s advisable to hire, at the very least, a mid-level Discord management professional. They will be much more prepared to handle the task of setting up a community, planning a strategy and kickstarting operations.

Why do you want to manage our Discord server?

The purpose of this question is to understand the job applicant’s motivation for joining your project and its server. Asking so can provide insights into their passion, proactivity, and alignment with the server's goals. This would also help you see if they’re passionate enough about the category your project is functioning in, whether it’s Web3, gaming, AI or anything else.

Can you explain what Discord is and how it is used by communities?

The purpose of this question is to assess the job applicant’s knowledge of Discord's functionalities and its role in building communities. It can help determine their understanding of the platform and its potential applications, and give you a clear idea of how extensively they’ve used the platform to benefit a community. A good answer would be if they say that some bot integrations made it much easier to reduce spam, or that having sub channels really gives communities a chance to host a number of different topics individually.

What previous experience do you have with managing Discord, and what were your responsibilities?

The purpose of this question is to delve into the job applicant’s past experiences with regards to Discord management, their skills, and their approach to everyday tasks. It can be super helpful to get to know how they managed and grew other communities i.e. the strategies and tactics they used, which could bring up some things that you are specifically looking for in your Discord manager hire.

How do you approach growth and learning?

The purpose of this question is to understand the job applicant’s professional development strategies. This, along with the question below, can provide insights into their long-term commitment and growth mindset. An appropriate answer to this question could include them telling you that they’ve subscribed to various newsletters related to Discord/the product category they work in, or they’ve enrolled in an advanced study bootcamp to power up their skills.

What drives you to work as a Discord Manager?

The purpose of this question is to understand why the job applicant chose the career of a Discord Manager and why they choose to take it further ahead. Although a general question, it can reveal the motivations behind the person applying for a job. Maybe they just love interacting with people on a daily basis because they’re a people person. It could be anything, and that added insight could prove useful when making a final decision.

This guide along with its questions aims to provide answers to inquiries you may have about hiring a Discord Manager. Feel free to conduct additional research and formulate questions tailored to your specific needs. You can also scroll to the top of the page to explore and hire a Discord Manager for your community right away.

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