Senior QA Engineer /区块链测试工程师

Who we are

Mantle Network is a high-performance Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) modular L2 network incubated by the BitDAO community. Mantle Network’s modular rollup architecture separates transaction execution, data availability, and transaction finality. As the first L2 network partner for restaking protocol EigenLayer, Mantle Network directly inherits security from Ethereum while offering high performance at low fees.

As the world’s first DAO-led L2 network, Mantle Network is pioneering a vision for a more collaborative decentralized economy to showcase the potential of tokenized governance. Our mission is to revolutionize the blockchain industry by providing scalable, efficient, and secure solutions for decentralized applications.

Mantle 是一个采用模块化架构的高性能以太坊 Layer-2 网络,在确保高安全性的同时,兼顾低费用优势。建设者可充分利用 Mantle 的独特设计开发强大 dApp,为用户带来一流体验,同时畅享以太坊无与伦比的安全保护。#首个模块化 L2 链


  1. 负责区块链产品的功能、性能、安全、自动化等测试工作,参与项目研发全流程;

  2. 参与项目的需求分析,关注项目需求的合理性,可测性;参与重大产品需求和架构设计评审,保证产品设计与架构的合理性;

  3. 编写自动化用例、测试工具及平台等,提升测试质量及效率;

  4. 深入了解区块链相关知识,参与研究并攻克区块链测试领域的关键技术挑战,建立区块链的测试体系。

  5. DApp测试,包括功能测试、性能测试和安全性测试。

  6. 浏览器测试, 对于支持区块链技术的浏览器有一定的了解,能够进行相关的测试工作。


  1. 计算机科学、软件工程等相关专业,本科及以上学历;

  2. 具有2年以上的区块链测试开发经验, 有DApp测试经验

  3. 熟悉hardhat、foundy等测试工具

  4. 熟悉自动化测试工具(例如Mocha, Chai, Cypress等),有落地过自动化测试项目的经验

  5. 熟悉JavaScript/Typescript,python,golang,solidity

  6. 熟悉Ethereum或其他公链项目,有资深的公链测试经验

  7. 能阅读英文文档,有较强的研究能力和自我驱动能力

Your Role

  1. Responsible for testing blockchain products' functionality, performance, security, and automation, and participate in the entire project development process.

  2. Participate in project requirement analysis, focus on the rationality and testability of project requirements, participate in major product requirement and architecture design reviews, and ensure the rationality of product design and architecture.

  3. Write automation test cases, testing tools, and platforms to improve testing quality and efficiency.

  4. In-depth understanding of blockchain-related knowledge, participate in research and overcome key technical challenges in the blockchain testing field, and establish a blockchain testing system.

Your Craft

  • Bachelor's degree or above in computer science, software engineering, or related majors.

  • More than 2 years of experience in blockchain testing and development.

  • Familiar with testing tools such as Hardhat, Foundy, etc.

  • Familiar with automated testing tools (such as Mocha, Chai, Cypress, etc.) and have experience in implementing automated testing projects.

  • Familiar with JavaScript/Typescript, Python, Golang, Solidity.

  • Familiar with Ethereum or other public chain projects, and have extensive experience in public chain testing.

  • Able to read English documents, have strong research ability and self driven personality

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