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Business development

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Aug 04

Larix is the first Metaverse based Finance Protocol on Solana, adopted a dynamic interest rate model and created more capital-efficient risk management pools, as such a broad selection of collateral types, crypto tokens, stablecoins, synthetic assets, NFTs, and other kind of assets can be fully utilized in a safe way.

Job Description


Name: ProjectLarix
Twitter / Website: https://ProjectLarix.com

Looking for: - Business Development

Description: - As a business development manager, you will be concerned with improving and growing a business by establishing and developing relationships with potential partners in the ecosystem.
Research and identify new partnership opportunities, including new projects, growth areas, trends and products. 
Foster and develop relationships with strategic partners, coordinate and solve problems in the progress of cooperation. 
Collect various market information, analyze and sort out competitors in the industry, and give feedback to superiors and other relevant departments in a timely manner. 
Responsible for business negotiation, effect monitoring, and cooperation implementation with cooperative partners. 
One year of BD-related work experience. Experience in NFT/Defi is preferred; 
Have a keen market sense and decision-making ability; 
Have good communication skills and maintain a positive interaction with partners; 
Project management experience is preferred. 
NFT/Defi enthusiast: Salute to OGs 
Sense of humor: mostly important :) 



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