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Feb 19

Lucidia is at the forefront of the gaming revolution in the Middle East, redefining the landscape with a visionary approach. As a pioneering game studio publisher, we are committed to merging the realms of traditional gaming with the boundless possibilities of blockchain and Web3 technologies. Our mission is to create a vibrant ecosystem that not only supports but also empowers game studios and developers, especially those venturing into the innovative domain of Web3. With an array of services designed to facilitate a seamless transition into this new era, Lucidia stands as a beacon for tailored solutions that meet the unique challenges and opportunities within the Middle East's gaming industry. Join us in this journey to shape the future of gaming, where tradition meets innovation, and community thrives.

Community Manager & Moderator Web3 Blockchain Crypto

Position Overview: Lucidia, a leader in the Middle Eastern gaming industry with a focus on blockchain technology, is seeking a dynamic individual to take on the combined role of Community Manager and Moderator. This position is pivotal in nurturing and expanding our vibrant community on Telegram and Discord. The ideal candidate is someone who thrives in interactive, fast-paced environments and is deeply committed to engaging with our community on a daily basis, with a high level of activity and participation in our Telegram and Discord communities being a key factor in our selection process.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Develop and implement strategies to foster a highly engaged community on Telegram and Discord.
  • Organize and moderate community events and discussions, ensuring a respectful and constructive environment.
  • Act as the bridge between Lucidia and its community, gathering feedback, providing insights to the team, and creating content that resonates with our community’s interests in gaming and Web3 technologies.
  • Monitor discussions to enforce community guidelines, manage conflicts, and provide timely responses to community inquiries and feedback.


  • Proven experience in community management or moderation, preferably in the gaming or blockchain sectors.
  • Exceptional communication skills and the ability to engage with a diverse audience.
  • Strong understanding of gaming and blockchain communities, with a keen interest in the development and success of blockchain and Web3 technologies in the gaming industry.
  • Active presence and high engagement levels on Telegram and Discord are crucial.

Note: Activity within our communities is paramount. Your engagement level on Telegram and Discord will be a key factor in our selection process. We encourage you to join our Telegram and Discord today and be active to showcase your commitment and enthusiasm for the role.

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