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Aug 29

Immunefi exists to protect the future of money. Immunefi is DeFi's last line of defense and leading bug bounty platform, preventing catastrophic hacks before user funds are stolen. Our team is highly specialized, so we’re looking for talented people who are willing to jump right in and use their expertise to help us protect DeFi.

Job Description

Role Overview

We are looking for a Head of Marketing that reports in to VP of Revenue and sits within our revenue leadership team to build for growth on both sides of our marketplace; whitehat hackers and Web3 projects. You will develop strategy, drive hands on execution, measure results and iterate on the fly. The goal will be to grow the Immunefi brand and reach our customers to drive measurable results on the Inbound funnel for whitehat hackers and Web3 projects. You will  drive the scaling of our owned and operated as well as partner channels to support our sales and hacker acquisition efforts. You will also drive product marketing for new Immunefi products helping our sales team inform, educate and sign-up new and existing customers as we grow our offering stack. You will be comfortable with using scientific methods and first principles to deliver marketing plans, measure them and validate where we can scale to deliver ROI. Underpinning all of the above will be your go-gorilla mindset -  as a startup you will need to pick unconventional and bold moves to make the most of our swings we have at winning the space from our competitors! Last not but least, you will be keen to lead and build the marketing organization at Immunefi from the ground up. This role will have a reporting line from the get go.


1 - Inbound Lead Generation:

  • Develop, execute and finesse a data-driven inbound marketing strategy to attract and convert high quality leads.
  • Establish and track inbound lead generation metrics, including but not necessarily limited to MQL and conversion rates
  • Effectively test various channels for inbound lead generation including but not limited to customer launch announcements, physical/digital events, KOLs, Social and paid advertising.
  • Implement effective O&O tooling including but not limited to email marketing campaigns, landing pages, marketing automation, and lead nurturing workflows to accelerate lead progression.

2 - Brand Growth:

  • Define what Immunefi means to our customers and work backwards from that to crystallize our core brand messaging for Web3 projects and Whitehat Hackers.
  • Drive brand awareness and equity through creative campaigns, consistent messaging, and impactful storytelling.
  • Leverage our customer announcements to drive the flywheel for our brand i.e. enable our customers to champion our brand through their channels.

3 - Community Growth:

  • Build and nurture a vibrant community of advocates, customers, and partners across our O&O social channels including Twitter, Discord and Telegram
  • Develop strategies to foster engagement and advocacy within the community.
  • Leverage community insights to drive referrals and enable our community members to win new customers for Immunefi
  • Scale our O&O social channels with quantified measurement to prove success.

4 - Product Marketing:

  • Develop a deep understanding of our customer needs, product/service suite, target audience, and competitive landscape.
  • Lead go-to-market strategies for new product launches, including positioning, collateral development, awareness/education and lead generation.
  • Create compelling product collateral, case studies, and sales enablement tools to support the sales team.
  • Activate customer relationships to accelerate adoption of our products with our wider target audience.

5 - Team Leadership:

  • Build for purpose! A team that can deliver goals and coach them for growth as Immunefi scales.
  • Align the marketing team’s goals with our revenue objectives and be the driving force for cross functional collaboration.

Who you are:

  • Experience: Minimum of 4 years of marketing experience, with a strong emphasis on inbound lead generation and measurable results, preferably in a B2B SaaS environment.
  • Metrics-Driven: Proven track record of exceeding against measurable ROI based  inbound lead generation metrics and KPIs.
  • Strategic Thinker: Demonstrated ability to think strategically, develop actionable plans, and align marketing initiatives with broader business goals.
  • Leadership Skills: Prior experience in managing and building teams based on results. Ideally at least managing 2+ internal resources and potentially agencies/consultants
  • Tool Skills: Raise the bar on bringing the most effective bleeding edge marketing tooling that has an ROI premise to our marketing efforts on both sides of the funnel. This can include analytics, referral, lead gen, landing page setup tools.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills, with the ability to craft compelling narratives for internal and external customers.

Great to have:

  • Prior experience in a venture backed early stage B2B Web3 company 
  • Prior experience marketing with a multi-sided marketplace.
  • Familiarity with Web3 security stack is a + but not required
  • Math/Engineering academic background
  • Prior experience of leveraging marketing cloud on Salesforce.

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