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NFT Business Development Associate/Lead/Director

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May 13

Erik Swapbox
May 13, 2022

About Swapbox

At Swapbox we provide NFT projects with a safe and secure metaverse for their community members to meet and trade NFTs. We believe in a future where content is interoperable and NFTs are an extension of our identity.

Founded by MIT alumni and game industry veterans, Swapbox's mission is to connect people through their shared passions. Members of the Swapbox team work remote from different corners of the world.

Job Description


  • Research relevant and potential companies to understand current market opportunities
  • Pitch NFT projects why Swapbox can supercharge their community
  • Ownership of the entire product/market fit cycle
  • Discover, analyze, and invest in channels to reach NFT projects
  • Pursue leads by leveraging your own network, cold outreach, and B2B opportunities
  • Act as a strategic and supportive partner for NFT projects at every stage of the buying and adoption process
  • Attend industry events & conferences, hold workshops promoting Swapbox
  • Document and report on sales pipeline
  • Help develop qualified marketing materials for NFT projects


  • Great people and communication skills
  • Entrepreneurial, self-directed, and hands-on
  • Ability to generate leads, build pipelines, and foster long-lasting relationships
  • Ability to work in real-time with the product team; relaying information and feedback from clients to help shape our product
  • General understanding of crypto/blockchain and stays up-to-date with NFT news and trends
  • Preferred: female, passion for crypto/web3/NFTs
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Erik SwapboxErik

May 13, 2022

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