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POSTED Mar 14, 2018
Aleksei Zeleznjak, ECOS
Aleksei Zeleznjak Mar 14, 2018
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Job Description

ECOS First innovative and unique startup for development of decentralized trusted blockchain needs a full-time ninja of memology

What you get to do:

Development of trusted meme.
Acting as you actually give a promote our startup.
Audit quality of ROFL.


Passed 4 grade in comprehensive school

What you need to have:

10+ years of procrastination;
7+ years experience in blockchain, and cryptocurrency.
Great skills in ms Paint, notepad, streaming on twitch.
Experience in wasting time in public such as 9gag, Reddit, 4chan.
Knowledge of what is in the trend.
Experience with on of the following: laughter, irony, cynicism etc.
Solid understanding of what is funny and what is not.
Stress resistance.

What do you get?

Decent job with potential for self-development

Salary range starting from 1750 USD per month
Bonuses in kittens and puppies
Depends on the experience

Salary range

48k + 1%

This job has expired

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