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null Randomizer VRF
October 06, 2022

Randomizer is a Verifiable Random Functions (random number generator) solution for EVM-based blockchains (i.e., Ethereum, Arbitrum, zkSync) that uses ETH for fee settlement.

NFTs, games, airdrops, and metaverse applications often need randomness in their smart contracts. It's how smart contracts do fair random selection, calculate loot drop-rates, roll dice, or shuffle cards.

Randomizer is a decentralized VRF solution with real-time result capabilities. dApps can process the outcome of randomness to their users before it's even finalized on-chain!

Job Description


  • Tweet daily on Randomizer's Twitter account (interesting threads, memes, community polls, and quote retweets all related to Solidity development, Randomizer and on-chain randomness).
  • Moderate Randomizer's Discord.
  • Publish content on web3 in the form is educational Twitter threads and blogposts, such as a weekly blogpost on VRFs (examples: "How to do RNG on ____", "Pseudo-randomness vs Randomizer", "Randomness in games").
  • Think of and lead online community events, giveaways, and other community growth undertakings.
  • Reach out to new web3 projects (NFTs, games, etc.) about using Randomizer.


  • Currently pursuing a degree or career in marketing, business development, IT.
  • Full proficiency in English. Proficiency in additional languages is a bonus.
  • Ability to write engaging content.
  • Have used Ethereum and Layer 2 solutions like Arbitrum and Optimism.
  • Have used and are excited about NFTs and ERC20 tokens.
  • Basic understanding of Solidity, DAOs, and ERC721 and ERC20 token standards.
  • Interested in (or experience with) on-chain randomness.
  • Consider yourself to be a web3 and crypto Twitter user.
  • Excited to be involved with a decentralized VRF ecosystem that will evolve into a DAO led by governance NFTs.


  • Basic monthly freelance compensation paid in ETH and/or BTC.
  • Future project NFT/token compensation on release.
  • Building useful relations with web3 projects and developers.

When applying, be descriptive about your experience with web3 and on-chain randomness.

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null Randomizer VRF

October 06, 2022

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