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A Brief History of Solidity - Ethereum’s Language of Choice

You might be familiar with Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other cryptocurrencies. The underlying technology that makes these cryptocurrencies distinguishable from digital currencies (like Paypal money) is the Blockchain. You can think of the blockchain as a series of Excel sheets that cannot be erased, doesn’t reside on a single server where it is hackable, secured cryptographically and is connected to each other. Now you should know as well that Excel sheets can also contain images as well as other interactive data. Bitcoin’s primary function was to be the currency of the Internet that’s independent of intermediaries like Paypal or the banks.

Ethereum was conceived as a reaction to Bitcoin developers' hesitance to maximize Blockchain’s utility of smart contracts. Vitalik Buterin, who was then a co-founder and writer of along with other programmers, then penned the Ethereum Whitepaper “A NEXT GENERATION SMART CONTRACT & DECENTRALIZED APPLICATION PLATFORM” in 2013.

On February 3, 2014, Vitalik introduced Ethereum Script 2.0 as that which would provide the framework for the ideas he proposed. By November 2014, Gavin Wood proposed a new and specific programming language which would then be called Solidity. He presented this in ÐΞVcon-0 in Kreuzberg, Berlin between Nov. 24 to 28, 2014.

By October 10, 2014, a sample smart contract has been made pending the release of Proof of Concept 7 (PoC-7) which was discussed in December. After ÐΞVcon-0, a flurry of developer activity ensued. This culminated in a lot of literature among the most notable are the following:

  • Tutorial 1: Your first contract by Kenk - December 2014
  • A 101 Noob Intro to Programming Smart Contracts on Ethereum - Medium October 29, 2015

Then, many more initiatives started to sprout amidst the thirst for Solidity developers. By 2019, a thrust to make Solidity more “newbie-friendly” was initiated by the Loom Network through CryptoZombies. The code became more than just code, it became a Solidity career.

Solidity Jobs

There is a lot of demand and opportunity for Solidity Programmers. In fact, it is one of the highest paid jobs in the blockchain industry. You can check out our Salaries Page to see for yourself how much Solidity Developers make per year.

Solidity Developers and Solidity Engineers are extremely sought after. More so ever, since the explosion of DeFi and NFTs. All of these companies require Solidity Programmers and good talent is hard to come by. A lot of the Solidity Jobs are even Remote.

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The technology is so new that even large companies end up hiring inexperienced developers and it results in bad code. Unfortunately, since these are smart contracts on the blockchain, they can be exploited to steal a massive amount of funds. Solidity Programming is very complex.

This is why Solidity Jobs are in high demand right now! As a company, it is very important to hire an experienced and knowldgable Solidity Developer. The space has rapidly grown since 2015 and some would argue - have fuelled further interest not just in Ethereum and Bitcoin, but also created other cryptocurrencies. 2017 saw the rise of fund-raising efforts in the form of Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) that became the testing ground for the limitations and possibilities of tokens on top of the Ethereum blockchain. Consequently, forks or separate iterations of Ethereum rose up to try to compete with Ethereum.

The bar has been set and ICOs rose and fell. Blockchain developer positions that centered on programming languages such as Solidity, Go Lang and C++ saw a sharp rise in demand. Today, Ethereum remains the second most popular coin when it comes to market capitalization.

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