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What are NFTs?

Take ownership and play a role in the world of cryptocurrency by pursuing these NFT Jobs. NFTs or Non-Fungible Tokens are a new asset class that’s only beginning to unfold. NFT Careers are in high demand because of the potential value that NFTs could unlock. It was initially made prominent through the blockchain game CryptoKitties and its potential could reach further beyond.

Brief History of NFTs

The interest generated by the game was so monumental that one CryptoKitty once sold for $140,000 in 2018. This was featured in many media outlets, including the New York Times. Now you may be asking about what made CryptoKitty so valuable. Isn’t it just another form of digital art that could easily be reproduced by copy-pasting it?

Designing CryptoKitties has become one of the most lucrative NFT Jobs

The answer lies in the utility of Ethereum Smart Contracts on a Blockchain. Unlike other pieces of digital art, Ethereum’s ERC-721 standard guarantees the uniqueness of any item. Each ERC-721 token is unique. This makes each a collectible item similar to a 1909-1911 Honus Wagner baseball card or a 2003-2004 Lebron James card. But rather than having professional human ‘Graders’ to set the value for the collectible, NFTs are an automated and secure way to guarantee that they are.

Now the uniqueness and novelty of NFTs don’t end there. Imagine proving ownership of a tile of virtual land. The concept of owning digital real estate was popularized by the game Second Life. But Second Life was hosted on a centralized server. It was managed by a company of humans that operate within an organization that’s governed by human laws. A security breach in its infrastructure could wipe out records within a manner of minutes. If the company closes, the virtual real estate hosted by the company on a server could also disappear. Players who invested a lot of time and money have no choice but to accept their loss. This is where an immutable, decentralized, and censorship-resistant blockchain comes in.

Virtual games, collectibles, virtual real estate, in-game items, customized player skins, and player upgrades are only the tip of the iceberg. The economic value proposition of NFTs becomes more pronounced once you include the physical representation of real-world assets in the blockchain. Take, for example, land registration. Land registries are commonly hosted on a centralized server. This is problematic for the same reason that centralized virtual assets could have. Once the server is breached or compromised by a trusted third party (such as a disgruntled employee), the records for these physical land titles could be expunged or even fraudulently changed. The immutability of the blockchain solves this. Its decentralized nature adds strength to this problem as well. This is what makes blockchain technology truly universal in nature. It goes beyond government overreach; it is resistant to malicious attempts and requires a huge amount of resources to compromise.

NFTs are a part of the paradigm that seeks to bring Web3 to its maximum potential. Web3 will be the proverbial opening of the ‘flood gates’ that will usher in a new era in the Age of the Internet. It maximizes value transfer and the flow of information to bring the full potential of the Internet truly. If Bitcoin is the digital gold or cryptocurrency of the Internet, Ethereum’s NFTs could be its future land registry, collectible or secure digital loot box, and more. Just imagine a future where real estate agents would also be looking for an NFT career!

There are many NFT jobs out there waiting for you

NFT careers would generally focus on implementing ERC-721 smart contract protocols depending on the crypto startup’s objective and a lot of NFT Jobs are Remote. But there are also other roles as the space continues to grow. NFT jobs’ remote nature could range from: knowledge of React.js, full-stack development, Solidity, business development, copywriting, marketing and blockchain engineering. Anything that has a distinct and unique value, whether in the real world or in the virtual space, could theoretically be included in the space.

Yes! You can get NFT Jobs even if you are not a Blockchain Engineer

It’s a common misconception that positions related to NFT careers are inherently technical. This is not true. All disciplines and backgrounds have a role to fill as companies are looking to expand. Whether your background is in copywriting, graphic design, marketing, accounting, finance, or even legal, the space embraces diversity wholeheartedly.

Here are some of the NFT Jobs that are available:

  • NFT Artist Jobs
  • NFT Designer
  • NFT Developer
  • NFT Consultant
  • NFT Marketing Jobs

NFT companies to watch out for

No less than billionaire Mark Cuban stated in a CNBC interview that if he were to engage in a new business venture, he’d go for NFTs, blockchain and smart contracts.

True enough, the Shark Tank host would have a run for his money because of these startups that have already laid claim to certain segments of the rare collectible market.

  1. - This NFT focused company showcases rare masterpieces of art - on the blockchain. superrare jobs
  2. - prides itself as the “first community owned NFT marketplace”. Members are enjoined to create, sell or collect rare digital items. Rarible jobs
  3. - this portal allows artists to create and turn any creation into a blockchain secured asset.

Other startups in the space are carving their own niches and, most importantly, building their own communities. The viability of NFT jobs remote aspect allows for a truly global community. These include CryptoPunks, Digital Currency Group’s Decentraland, and OpenSea.

Community building is essential as the NFT space grows. Each role to be fulfilled has a purpose in the overall schema. For as long as any item of value can be digitized and secured through NFTs, there would be an intrepid entrepreneur who can turn this idea into a startup. This creates value, remote NFT jobs and, more importantly, community. Every day is a new opportunity to turn that idea into a company.

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