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Android Engineer

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Apr 26

THORChain is building a state-of-the-art distributed network to enable cross-chain asset exchange with incentivised, always-on liquidity and no wrapped or pegged tokens. The network is THORChain and the THORNode software, powered by CosmosSDK and Tendermint consensus. THORNode facilitates state-pegs to any external network (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Binance Chain) and manages a multi-party computation protocol with threshold signatures to enable outgoing transactions. The team is passionate, self-driven, industry leaders whose mission is to build permissionless access to liquidity. The project is well funded and growing quickly.

This is the iOS app


It needs to be ported to Android (Kotlin)


It should follow this Figma


Only apply if you are an excellent Android Engineer. Proof of Android excellence must be shown.

Github link preferable.

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