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Developer Node.js & Javascript

POSTED Feb 26, 2018

Gabriel Dusil
Gabriel Dusil Feb 26, 2018
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Job Description

Creating Opportunities for Blockchain Innovation
Adel is a global cryptocurrency community that is self-sustaining and offers its own
economic ecosystem with the Adelphoi (ADL) coin. Our community focuses on
creating, developing, and implementing use cases involving blockchain technology
that covers a wide range of digital and physical industries. Supported projects are
developed, discussed, and decided by the community members.

Adel is expanding. Key members of the team include several business planning,
operational, marketing roles, as well as developers. The goal is to create a dynamic
and interactive dashboard and atmosphere for our community members.
Our website can be accessed here

Top Reasons to Work for Adel

Adel’s value is in the core principles of its ecosystem. This ecosystem promotes the
use of blockchain technology and creating innovative solutions for various industries.
By leveraging the expertise of the Board, R&D team, and its community members,
Adel establishes a supportive and collaborative environment for state-of-the-art
projects. The first round of funding, held in May 2017 helped establish the Adelphoi (ADL)
value (Adel’s cryptocurrency).

Our team consists of talented experts that are located throughout the globe:

Responsibilities & Requirements

Bonus Competencies & Skills

We look forward to hearing from you!

*Only replies in English will be accepted

Salary range

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