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Feb 21

Meta Z is developing an NFT exchange for pro-traders as its main product. We’re finding a back-end developer who will join us from the early stages of development to develop Meta Z's products together. The team you are joining consists of a minimum of 11 people, including CTO, back-end developer, front-end developer, contract developer, product manager, UI/UX designer. (During the interview, we will provide detailed information on the team members.)

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Job Description

Backend Engineer


- Develop and maintain NFT exchange backend and market engine usding TypeScript (NodeJS), PostgreSQL, etc.

- Develop blockchain wallet management soltion and deposit&withdraw function

- Develop real-time chart data updates for displaying charts on client

- Develip REST API and WebSocket API for frontend- Create test suite such as Unit test, integration test, etc.

- Build a monitoring infrastructure and fix problems or bugs that occur during operation

- Develop operational infrastructure to respond to CS operations

- Above tasks are not carried out alone as a list of tasks to be shared after joining


- High understanding knowledge of the linguistic features of TypeScript and skilled in optimization

- Major in Computer Science Bachelor degree or equivalent ability

- Ability for maintaining and developing the team's code conventions

- Ability to design and develop high-performance, low-latency, and high-availability services

- Experience for rich cloud-based programming

Preferred Qualification

- Experience with other languages (not just only with Typescript)

- Experience for using Serverless architecture

How We Work

- Full-remote

- Co-work with Linear

Application Process

- Multiple Choice Programming Quiz → Interview → On-board 

- The programming quiz consists of 15 multiple-choice questions, and an open book is available.

We will inform you of your acceptance within a week by email you submitted when filling out the quiz.

The interview will be proceeded remotely for about an hour.

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