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POSTED Apr 03, 2019

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Over the past 18 months, Kyokan has been helping lay the groundwork for global transformations in the ways people transact, bank, raise, share, transfer, invest, coordinate and distribute wealth and value. We have done so through our collaborations with leading blockchain projects, including MetaMask, EthereumJs, Geth, Ethereum 2.0, MolochDAO and Filecoin/Protocol Labs.

We are seeking engineers who will bring ambition, tenacity and initiative to some of the most important FOSS projects in the blockchain space while helping build a world-changing company.

Job Description

What you are walking into

By joining Kyokan, you commit to:

  • hit the ground running from day 0 as a full-time contributor to one of our open-source partners
  • taking accountability for planning, implementing and shipping full-stack features and backend services
  • bringing vision, creativity, hussle and technical expertise to mission critical technical challenges
  • provide ongoing informal leadership, and daily inititative, to help your colleagues and open source community change the world with the decentralized web
  • pursuing constant enhancement of your skills, workflows and impact while mobilizing your teammates and teams to do the same
  • respect, patience and empathy for every interaction/relation with coworkers and the community

Be prepared to manage dichotomies

Success in your work will require working with and through tensions/dichotomies such as:

  • Confidence taking projects from 0-60 or from 60-120
  • Comfort in both management heavy orgs with heirarchies, and flat, manager-free teams
  • Creativity and determination to engineer the best of both usability and security into the decentralized web experience
  • Flying-solo and working in highly collaborative teams
  • Tenacity and focus to achieve high dev velocity and engineering quality
  • Bringing steadiness to chaos and energy+urgency to times of complacency

Technical requirements

We are hiring for full-stack engineers who specialize in JavaScript. We will likely hire more than one, with at least one focused on the backend and at least one focused on the front end. We looking for candidates with multiple years of production experience.

Candidates looking to pursue a front end focus should be proficient with front end frameworks, but also with vanilla js. They should be confident with build tools (e.g. gulp, webpack), css tools (e.g. sass), and how browsers work.

Candidates looking to pursue a back end focus should be proficient with node.js in server side contexts. They should be confident architecting and implementing APIs, engineering with security and stability in mind, and generally strong with devops.

Candidates for both roles will stand out if they have experience that stretches beyond JavaScript application development. Could be one or more of: systems programming languages, devops, blockchain protocol implementations, smart contracts, machine learning, building CLI based developer tools, distributed systems, cryptography, security engineering, IoT

Some logistical details

  • Salary open to negotiation, equity a possibility
  • We are open to, and may request, starting successful candidates off with a period of part time work focused on a single project, to get to know one another and decide if we are a great match.
  • This position will be fully remote

To apply:

  • email ¯\_(ツ)_/¯, with “Application Engineer” in the subject line
  • include a resume, and any relevant links (github, twitter, LinkedIn, your blog, etc.)
  • tell us what you are looking for from this role and what you intend to bring to it

Build software, and much more than software, with us

We will be looking to you to build and ship amazing software on the regular. But we hope for more from you, and hope you want more from Kyokan.

We will be building a company, culture, communities and momentum towards radical improvements in the ways people transact, bank, raise, share, transfer, invest, coordinate and distribute wealth and value. As we pursue these ambitions, we know that constant improvements within ourselves, our teams and our collaborators will be necessary. As will extremely high standards for the quality of technical and UX solutions we deliver to the world. We invite you to join us in making this a reality.

Salary range



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