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POSTED May 07, 2019

Zug, Switzerland   📆 Full-time

at Web3 Foundation

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The Web3 Fundation nurtures and stewards technologies and applications for the decentralized web. We collaborate with cutting-edge developer teams, researchers and community leaders to strengthen and extend the uses of decentralized technologies; building the future of identity, privacy, financial markets, commerce, and more.

Our core project at the moment is Polkadot, a protocol designed to connect blockchains and allow them to interoperate, share security and more. In addition, we are supporting the development of a number of technologies that form the Web 3.0 tech stack - such as decentralized messaging, distributed storage or secret management.

Core to fulfilling our mission is our ability to communicate to a diverse audience of people and organizations. Our visual voice will inspire our communities, and create momentum among collaborators. It should link our efforts across projects in the space.

Job Description

Resilience is one of the most important characteristics of decentralised technologies, so in order to safeguard high quality and good practices in Web3 community, we are looking for an outstanding Security Specialist.


Security is at the heart of decentralised protocols and applications. Extensive reliance on correct implementation and good user practices necessitates that we spend sufficient time on Security in the Web3 ecosystem.


  • Initiate and oversee external code audits performed by the Foundation
  • Develop and run the bug bounty program and other community security initiatives
  • Establish security processes within the Foundation
  • Create guidelines and tools for the community to ensure development of secure software
  • Work with DevOps and Research team to put in place monitoring systems to ensure security of live networks
  • Contribute to the grant review process to ensure funding for projects crucial to security of the Web3 ecosystem
  • Review the security aspects of projects that the Web3 Foundation interacts with or supports


Experience in development and enforcement of security best practices and incident response processes
Experience with engaging external experts such as auditors or pen testers
Ability to write accessible guides and security tooling
Understanding of decentralised technologies, especially blockchain
Understanding of Open Source community and bug bounty programs
Minimum of 3 years working as an information security professional


  • Experience with monitoring live global systems
  • Understanding of signature schemes and other cryptographic primitives used in decentralized technologies
  • Experience with creating security tools related to blockchain
  • Familiarity with Rust, Go and Javascript
  • Familiarity with international standards (e.g. ISO 27001/2)

To apply to this position, we ask you to answer a few questions in the application form, and to submit your CV and a cover letter, telling us a bit about yourself and your motivation to join us.

For more information about us, visit us on

Web3 Foundation website:

Polkadot website:


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