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If you are looking for 🔗 remote blockchain jobs, we’ve got good news for you! Cryptocurrency industry is very remote-friendly. In fact, we have not seen any other industry that offers so many remote jobs.

Remote Crypto Jobs for everyone

As you know, even the biggest blockchain and cryptocurrency projects such as Bitcoin and Ethereum are developed and maintained by remote teams. This is a bit unprecedented and does not match any other cutting edge niche in the technology space. This opens up tremendous opportunities for talented technical and non-technical talent to contribute to the growth of blockchain technologies as well as earn a great living while doing that! No matter where you are on Earth, you’ll be able to find a remote job in a blockchain startup. Just make sure you’ve got the right skills, and you are persistent with your application process. Craft a great cover letter, ensure your resume is up-to-date, and apply to a few companies where you believe you’ll fit the best. (Please don’t just spray-and-pray your application to hundreds of blockchain companies.)

Remote Crypto Jobs Pay in Crypto

The biggest advantage of the crypto industry jobs is that most even pay in Crypto. This opens up opportunities for people in all countries. Believe it or not, banking industry still charges a huge amount in fee, just to transfer money from one country to another. This makes it very difficult for companies to hire people from different countries, as they might have to set up a different payment method for each employee. Crypto solves that. For companies that pay in Crypto, they can hire anyone across the globe. There are crypto companies that have employees in more than 50 different countries, and process payments with ease.

Some of the most frequent remote crypto jobs include community manager roles, product and UX designers, crypto trader, sometimes crypto startups are open to hiring engineers remotely too.

So go ahead and apply! Good luck!

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We've got a really strong looking shortlist and will be having calls all through this week with those. I'm quite pleased with the results.

We recently switched to using Crypto Jobs List as our primary crypto job board provider, and I have been pretty impressed thus far with the talent coming through. The latest feature of having a dashboard is a game changer, so thank you!

Melissa Quinn
Chief of Staff at UMA Project

Kevin here, founder of Floating Point Group. I just wanted to say that you guys are killing it. Some of our best applicants are coming from your site. Very happy with what we’re seeing so far!

I'd recommend using Crypto Jobs List if you're looking to hire someone in crypto, they cater to a number of different skill sets including marketing and community sales and business development traders and of course, developers and engineers. We hired our CMO here!

What made CJL stand out from other options? The availability of talent that was really passionate about working in the crypto space. We received 150+ applications, interviewed 10 and hired the one from Crypto Jobs List.

Jonathan Barker
Head of People Operations at Status

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Kai Ansaari
Project Lead at THORChain

Great experience. We have had excellent candidates via Raman and the Crypto Jobs List platform. Will definitely use again as we build out other components of the team!

Astley Milne
General Manager at Meld Gold

We've gotten great leads for developers from Crypto Jobs List. I'm definitely a continuous user going forward!

Brett Shear
Cofounder & COO at Fleek

The quality of the candidates are by far more relevant and experienced than on other boards. They are in the crypto space and have the past experience to hit the ground running.

Mike Davie
Founder & CEO at DataStreamX

We posted on Crypto Jobs List looking for marketing help with community engagement, digital marketing and social media and found not one, but two highly qualified candidates within days! We interviewed and hired them within three weeks.

Jessica Zartler
Marketing & Communications Director at Adel

Let me give you my feedback. I think it would be useful to you. Your site drives more qualified leads than AngelList. Thanks for the follow up! Next position I’ll repeat with you.

Maria T. Vidal
Communications Lead at Kleros

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