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Blockchain Evangelist

POSTED Feb 10, 2018

New Alchemy

Seattle, WA, USA

Feb 10, 2018
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New Alchemy is an advisory and investment group specializing in tokenization and blockchain technology. One of only a handful of companies able to offer a full spectrum of guidance from tactical technical execution to high-level theoretical modeling in this blue ocean field, New Alchemy provides technology, token game theory, security audits, and token launch marketing, strategy, and facilitation to the most innovative companies and projects worldwide.

If all this means nothing to you, don’t worry. It doesn’t have to… yet. Our team is highly-motivated, flexible, smart, and galvanized by the idea that we’re playing in a never-before-explored intersection of technology, finance, and economics. We’re disrupting the way the world works, and we’re stoked by that. We want new team members that feel the same way: people who are experts in becoming experts, early adopters, technophiles, kingdom-builders. In other words, we’re much more interested in whether you have the drive and the determination to develop world-class mastery in a groundbreaking field than whether you come preloaded with knowledge. Intrigued?

• Collaborate / guide / evaluate clients building blockchain architectures.

• Analyze business needs and help others to understand how to best leverage technology.

• Build tools that enable business folks to operate the business.

• Stay curious and learn constantly. Grow as an engineer.

• Educate everyone around you. Blockchain is new. We all need to learn.

• 3+ years of experience in creating technology-centric industry specific messaging, content, and assets.

• Experience presenting to large audiences of technical to non-technical and junior to C-level management.

• Visible online presence via social media, blogs, forums, and/or community involvement

• Experience in 3 or more of the functions of business development, marketing, pre-sales, sales and/or product development.

• Proven successful software engineering background in collaborative environment.

• Solid coding / design chops.

• Fluent with best practices in engineering, security, and design.

• Take pride in working on projects to successful completion involving a wide variety of technologies and systems.

• Can put yourself in the shoes of your users and be a steward of crafting great experiences.


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